This 2-in-1 Screen Cleaner Already Has a Built-in Microfiber Cloth

If you ever keep your phone close by when you’re eating, then you’ve probably had to use a sticky and smudged phone screen once in your life. It’s annoying when the dirt on your phone screen can’t be removed with a simple dry wipe.

screen cleaner

Photo from Shopee

This 2-in-1 screen cleaner is the solution to our problem! While most screen cleaners involve a whole set of a variety of items, this screen cleaner gives you everything in just a small package.

The cleaner is mostly a small spray bottle, possibly just as big as a lipstick box. The bottle is covered with a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning! Now, you don’t have to lug around so many items just to make sure that your screens are clean and disinfected.

Because of the bottle’s rectangular shape covered with the microfiber cloth, it’s easy to use. You can just swipe the product across your screen and it’s instantly clear of any dirt or fingerprints.

This portable screen cleaner is definitely a must-have especially during these times when it’s important to have clean items in your hands.

Buy this 2-in-1 screen cleaner here!

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