Thierry Mugler’s “Alien” Celebrates 10 Years of Beautifully Handcrafted Fragrance

If you’re into fine perfumery, you would probably have heard of Thierry Mugler. It is a go-to fragrance for an elegant dressed-up night out and many women and men, especially in Europe have been using this fragrance for 10 years.

Thierry Mugler, who was born in France was firstly a fashion designer, who has an Avant Garde aesthetic to his designs.  At a young age, he worked for various french ateliers. He developed his first fragrance: “Angel” back in 1992. Since its creation in 1992, the Thierry Mugler Source reconnects with the age-old tradition of refilling one’s perfume bottle; it boldly revisits the principle of 18th century perfume fountains.

In 2005, Alien was created, the second major Thierry Mugler fragrance which sold for $280 million in annual sales. That’s A LOT of perfume and a lot of happy customers!

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“Alien is the very essence of femininity, it’s femininity incarnate. And femininity is a gift from heaven, a generosity, an instinctive intelligence.” – Thierry Mugler
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Under the dazzling sun of India grow the flowers destined to enhance Alien with their sparkle. Sambac jasmine of the “Malligai” variety predominates in the Madurai region, the Indian capital of jasmine located in the south of the country. This is where unique, six-petaled flowers that are not yet in full bloom are harvested for luxury perfume, and even more so for the ceremonies, festivals and religious rites that are part of the purest Indian tradition. Each year, 3 tons of sambac jasmine concrete are produced on 6474 hectares in the region of Tamil Nadu.

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The quality of “jasmine absolute” depends greatly on how fresh the flower is when it is processed for perfumery. For this reason, the extraction workshop is located close to the plantations. Approximately 700 kg of the most delicate jasmine buds are needed to make 1 kg of sambac jasmine absolute (or oil). Consequently, jasmine is one of the most expensive oils and one of the world’s most sought-after fragrances, along with rose absolute. This is why very few perfumes are made using true jasmine absolute.

I went to SM Makati to sample their perfumes which are available at the department store. I thought they were very sophisticated and how consistent their bottle packaging were with their theme “Alien” and Thierry Mugler is as a brand.

thierrymuglerScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.13.21 AMI got “Alien Eau Extraordinaire” which is an EDT. It is described as “The eau de toilette with incandescent freshness. A floral-woody-amber creation, filled with positive energy. The olfactory expression of optimism and benevolence.”

At first, the scent was very strong as what I’ve learned from how they make “abosolute jasmine” which is indeed very strong of nature and very expensive. After a few minutes, as the perfume settles on my skin, it gives a floral freshness which I can describe as “I’m feminine but strong, dancing in a field of jasmine with happiness in my heart.” – Yes, I tend to create imagery of these sort when I describe fragrance as they evoke a lot of feeling.

thierrymuglerScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.12.58 AMThis is the “Alien Essence Absolue Eau de Parfum Intense” which is a more concentrated perfume compared to the one above. It is described as “Between opulence and preciousness, the Alien quintessence in an eau de parfum intense. An amber-floral-vanilla creation.The olfactory expression of a bewitching and hypnotic sensuality.”

Yes, this smell was very sexy. It really exudes sensuality upon women and makes you want to take out your best red dress and spray this at the back of your neck on a romantic date!

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My favorite from the “Alien” line is the Alien Parfum and EDT. They are CLASSIC for a reason!

“It is a noticeably different composition from the eau de parfum, while keeping the same signature. To create Alien Eau de Toilette, I wanted to illuminate the beautiful bouquet of white flowers and give it a touch of color: a sparkling duo of mandarin and star anise highlights the fresh and joyful facets. A very crystalline, rich and powerful Jasmine Grandiflorum note enriches the heart, and gives the fragrance its distinctive and unique floral dimension.” -Dominique ROPION, Master-Perfumer, IFF

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I loved the blend of jasmine with star anise and mandarin! Perfect for everyday.

Can I just mention how beautiful their packaging are?

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An amethyst crystal, sculpted with an “emerald” cut. Its bottle is inspired by a faceted precious stone, of natural and original beauty, like a rough gem carved from the rock. Its radiance, its softer color and its purity echo the luminous tones of the fragrance.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Thierry Mugler!

They are available at SM Makati & Art of Scent stores
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