These Stylish Items Will Make Your Home Look Summer-Ready

We’re sure that you can already feel the heat, meaning that summer is most definitely here (or at least, just around the corner). Surely, you’ve already stored all of the Christmas decorations in your home; and with the change in seasons, it only makes sense to switch the look of your home to something more sunny and bright.

Here are some home items from Shopee that will make your home look summer-ready:

10. Rattan Pendant Light

rattan lamp

Photo from Shopee

This gorgeous rattan pendant light is a must-have for your dining room or your living room especially if you’ve got quite a high ceiling. The beautiful design and rattan material will instantly make you feel like you’re staying at a resort rather than being stuck at home. Get that summer vacation vibe at home! Buy this rattan pendant light here!

9. Beach Lamp Projector

beach lamp

Photo from Shopee

Still can’t visit the beach anytime soon? Get this beach lamp projector! This special light will transform any space into looking like the beach horizon. It’s like you’re right at the shoreline! Buy this beach lamp projector here!

8. Floral Pillowcases

floral pillowcases

Photo from Shopee

The summer season means a lot of flowers, and what better way to incorporate that in your home than with these gorgeous floral pillowcases. With the many designs available, these stylish floral pillowcases will instantly bring an extra vibrance to your living room. Buy these floral throw pillowcases here!

7. Swing Chair

swing chair

Photo from Shopee

It’s always a good idea to add seating options to your home. With this swing chair, you can have playful summer feels instantly in your home. It can even be placed outdoors and indoors. Buy this swing chair here!

6. Outdoor Table and Chair Set

outdoor table set

Photo from Shopee

If you’ve got a garden or a garage in your home, then this summer is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy alfresco dining even in the comforts of your home. For that, get this outdoor table and chair set! This sturdy furniture set is also foldable, making it easy to store. Buy this outdoor table and chair set here!

5. Sail Shade

sail shade

Phot from Shopee

Want to enjoy your outdoor space but don’t want to endure the heat of the sun? This stylish sail shade is a must-have. It’s easy to install and will easily make your outdoor space more comfortable even in the summer. Buy this sail shade here!

4. Wood-Style Electric Fan

asahi fan

Photo from Shopee

With the summer heat, it’s also helpful to get additional electric fans around the house. To match the light and breezy season, this wood-style electric fan is a great option for your home. Buy this aesthetic electric fan here!

3. Morrocan Dinner Plates

morrocan plates

Photo from Shopee

Bring some color into your kitchen and to your dining table with these vibrant Moroccan dinner plates. They come in a variety of lively designs that will make you feel like you’re eating in an exotic destination. Buy these Moroccan dinner plates here!

2. Artificial Plants

artificial plants

Photo from Shopee

Summertime can be a challenging season for plant parents, especially for those who are just starting to grow their own plants. If you want lush greens in your home for the summer, just get one of these tall artificial plants. They actually look quite realistic that you won’t even think that they’re fake at first glance. Buy these artificial plants here!

1. Suncatchers


Photo from Shopee

These gorgeous suncatchers should definitely be a staple piece in your home every summer. Just hang this by a window, a door, or any place that will catch the sunshine and you’ll get instant rainbows dancing around your space. It’s perfect for bringing the beauty of a sunny day indoors! Buy these suncatchers here!

How are you preparing your home for the summer? Share it with us!

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