These lip glosses make your lips look so juicy, you’ll never stop taking selfies

Ever needed a pick-me-up? For some people, it’s coffee or tea. For me? It’s lip gloss. There’s just something about painting my pout with a gloss that feels so satisfying and empowering. From the way it makes my lips look fuller to the way it slips on, I love everything about lip gloss. It’s just difficult to find the perfect one for you. Some can be too sticky, others can have too strong a fragrance. But ladies (gents, and everyone else on the spectrum), I’ve found the love of my lip gloss life. Introducing Hypergleam.

Notice the typeface? Yes, it’ll make you feel that fancy, too.

I have an obsession with cosmetics. I love them. I collect them. But there’s nothing I love more than lip products. And the crowning glory of lip products, to me, is lip gloss. It’s either the perfect finishing touch or the best thing to wear out that’s lightweight but still makes you feel put together. It’s the ultimate confidence booster and what makes me feel truly queenly. And this is what I felt putting on Hypergleam’s lip gloss. It’s not sticky, not overly-sweetly-scented, and it’s got such a boost of shine in just one swipe that you’ll never stop taking selfies when it’s on. (Golden hour + this gloss? The perfect combo!)

The packaging is gorgeous, as well, a clear tube that looks absolutely expensive that shows off the content of each gloss perfectly clear. It’s weighty and feels like crystal, making me feel like royalty swiping it on. Even the packaging it’s in is adorable, a shout-out to bubble wrap but in this cutesy purple and with hearts instead. It’s too cute. I can’t bring myself to throw it away (it’s now forever on my vanity).

There are 6 shades all in all, two of them tinted (Candy Apple and Supernova) and four of them clear (Donut Glaze, Candygloss, Space Jam, and Jellybeam). They all have scents but they’re pleasant and definitely not overpowering. In fact, they smelled so good I kept re-applying just to smell them (and sorta… taste them–don’t judge me). Supernova was my favorite, the bubblegum a nice, subtle nod to the early 2000s glosses I loved as a child and now adore as an adult.

Hypergleam definitely feels like a sweet nod to the 90s and 2000s, gloss being a big big thing back then. Even the scents remind me of my childhood, all my classmates and I huddling together to compare lip glosses in secret in our little plaid uniforms. Bubblegum, apple, you name it. But I didn’t feel young and awkward like a teen in this, I felt confident and beautiful, like the product was magnifying my beauty instead of masking it. It made me, in almighty Beyoncé’s words, feel myself.

And have we talked price yet? Each gloss is only PHP 300 each–beauty without breaking the bank. Hypergleam believes in accessible and affordable cosmetics that are still of excellent quality. And we definitely feel and see it. From how juicy my lips feel and look to how hydrating these glosses really are, I feel satisfied on every front. If you love gloss, it’s definitely the thing for you. And if you’re looking to try gloss out? This is the one to try.

The glosses themselves are super hydrating. A lot of the time the lips can experience a ton of wear and tear from dryness to chapping to flaking but these glosses don’t only feel hydrating, they truly are. Full of healing oils such as sunflower and sweet almond, they have the double benefit of caring for the lips, as well as boosting your confidence. You can actually also use it as a lip balm with how much it heals the lips. Not only that, but the act of putting it on already feels like you’re taking care of yourself, that little bump of self-love is a welcome experience.

Space Jam (clear) and Supernova (tinted cool pink)

I wear these either as toppers or alone, depending on the look. If you wanted to up the ante with your makeup look, you can definitely wear this on top of another lip product to take it from 10/10 to 11/10. But if you want something quick that’ll give you a pep in your step still as you’re walking out the door, these are perfect on their own, too, for that glossy shine–change it up with shades for different flavors, too!


Supernova is a pretty, cool pink that made my lips look plump and smell like bubblegum, earning my gold star. I loved how it looked, how it felt, and how it didn’t become sticky at all even with prolonged wear.

Space Jam

Space Jam is clear with just a hint of blue that I absolutely adore. It’s got the faintest tint to look almost ethereal in direct light. I love it on its own and its blueberry scent is just addicting. Sometimes I just put it on to feel better–and it does the job. Self-care for the win.

Hypergleam is the cruelty-free and locally-made brainchild of certified makeup artist Miki Liuson, who wanted to really experiment with makeup and study it. After weeks of doing research, she began to create her own gloss formula and saw the potential in it, deciding to soft-launch during the quarantine which, in spite of the lockdown, yielded very positive results. The official launch was on July 25, 2020 with the gorgeous new packaging and the rest is history.

What are you waiting for? Grab your glosses before they’re all gone!




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