These Kids Are Making Marcos Highway and Katipunan Extension Dangerous

Two alarming posts sprung up simultaneously on my news feed a few days ago. Both were related to some kids who are terrorizing Marcos Highway and Katipunan Extension, both during broad daylight and nighttime.

I don’t pass these roads often, but I know a lot of people who do. And to all of you guys who drive / commute along Marcos Highway, please be extra careful.

Video courtesy of Kasandra Santos on Facebook

This video by Kasandra taken at around 11:30pm shows a couple of street children playing with the plastic barricades and gambling their lives on the streets.

Is this some sort of game to them? A sort of leveled up patintero? Whatever their purpose is of doing this, we hope authorities can do something about it. Maybe it’s time to put curfew back and strictly implement it.

In a similar case, Lui Angeles had also posted these photos on Facebook. Her post was about a couple of street children as well, just a few kilometers away from Marcos Highway.

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Just passed by Katip extension and to my surprise, these kids are spitting and throwing pellets/stones/small circular things on cars! They most especially target cars which look pretty expensive.

If you look closely, they’re holding wooden “toys” which they use for harassing cars passing under the footbridge.

I hope something gets done to prevent this!

– Lui Angeles

We don’t really know what’s going on here and if these kids are under the same group. Whatever it is, they’re making the roads extra dangerous and they’re putting their lives in great danger as well! Hopefully something can be done about this.

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