These Inexpensive Pieces of Jewelry Are Designed to Inspire!

Words by Camille Geguera 

If you’re looking for minimalist and durable jewelry then look no more! A&I Supply Co, a brand hailing from Bulacan, designs each piece of their signature jewelry with the idea of promoting mindfulness, positivity, and self-love. All of their products are made of hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant stainless steel.

For P1,380 (or even less)  you can get that chic, sophisticated look instantly. Whether you are wearing a dress or a jean + t-shirt combo, each Inspiration Band and Necklace are easy to pair with any outfit.

Their pieces are designed to make you feel alive and inspired–which is what the name stands for. Through the meaningful reminders engraved in each piece, it aims to remind individuals of what values are important to them and encourage them to live an inspired and conscious life.

I like the idea behind the brand and how it empowers the wearers. Each engraving inspires with their words and their simple beauty.

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Classic Inspiration Band: Hope; Matte Inspiration Band: Believe

Each piece is simple, yet elegant. All of their gold and rose gold pieces are plated with 18K gold with an anti-tarnish coating which makes it perfect even for everyday wear. All bands are fully adjustable so no need to worry about sizes. It’s a perfect gift for both men and women.

They also have some words in the Matte Inspiration Bands collection that couples could wear. Aside from their inspiration bands and round pendant necklaces, they also have bar pendant necklaces and rope bracelets that are classy and trendy!

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of wearing jewelry and accessories but when I saw the necklace, I instantly fell in love with it. I wear it for everyday use–at school, going out, and even at home. It feels nice to read the engraved word whenever I check my reflection, especially when I’m having a hard time with school and org work. It’s nice to be reminded that things will be alright, even by words from the necklace. Sometimes, when I get burned out, I just stare at the words for a few minutes to take a breather.

Round Pendant Inspiration Necklace: Love 

A&I Supply Co finally launched their new website recently where you can place your orders with ease. Check them out to see their other products and engravings. With each reminder from A&I, it serves a bigger purpose of appreciating oneself and others.

A&I Supply Co

Instagram:  @aisupplyco


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