These 5 Stores Put the ‘BAE’ in Bagels

When people ask me what my favorite breakfast food is, I always say “bagels”. They find this strange because apparently, not a lot of people eat bagels here. :p Well, now is the time to discover the deliciousness and awesomeness that come with these pieces of bread if you haven’t yet.

When paired with the right spreads or palaman, they are just heavenly! And I happened to find 5 online stores that offer ultra delicious bagels that will make every morning (or merienda… or midnight snack… whenever you wanna eat them, really) all the better.

These 5 Stores Put the ‘BAE’ in Bagels

5. The Bake Project PH (@thebakeprojectph)

The Bake Project PH Bagels

Photo from The Bake Project PH

Jillian Vinluan launched The Bake Project PH in September 2017, where she started selling pastries like cookies, revel bars, and customized cakes. During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), she started baking bread for their family and a lot of people started inquiring about it on social media.Their breads eventually became their bestsellers – and for good reason: they’re delightful!

The Bake Project PH’s bagels came about because Jillian wanted to try legit New York-style ones. They are all baked to order, hand rolled, and made the traditional way without skimping on ingredients.Try them with their Black Truffle Cream Cheese!

4. Bidel Bagels (@bidelbagels)

Bidel Bagels

Photo from Bidel Bagels

The idea for Bidel Bagels came about when the owner’s 13-year-old daughter wanted to buy a Nintendo Switch during quarantine. After she had developed a love for baking; this became a chance for her to enhance her skills, experience entrepreneurship, and raise funds to buy her gadget. Since their family had previously lived in New York and New Jersey for a decade, it makes sense that they decided to experiment with the great bagels that they had sorely missed. Mission accomplished!

Bidel Bagels offers bagels that are soft inside and slightly chewy outside as all good bagels should be.They have them in different sizes (regular and bites) to suit different appetites, as well as a variety of cheese cream flavors to cater to different moods and tastes. I highly recommend trying their Maple Cream Cheese and Truffle Honey Cream Cheese! So good!

3. Bagel Brats (@bagelbratsph)

Bagel Brats

Photo from Bagel Brats

Lil Padilla-Sumayao’s family loves bagels; but since they could never find ones that they liked, they decided to make some themselves. After much trial and error, they finally perfected their bagel masterpieces. When lockdown hit, they started giving them away to loved ones; and when people started asking about it, they decided to start Bagel Brats.

Lil shares that they chose their flavors – Plain, Sesame, and Cinnamon Raisin – based on their cravings. What my family loved about their bagels is that they come in small, handy, perfectly-sized sizes that have more crunch in every bite. Also, their cream cheese flavors are to die for! I don’t even eat strawberry-flavored things, but I devoured their Pretty Strawberry Cream Cheese like there was no tomorrow! You will definitely find yourself craving for more! 

2. MadBagels (@madbagels)

MadBagels Bagels

Photo from MadBagels

MadBagels started when Isabelle Madlansacay’s father was diagnosed with COVID-19. He experienced a loss of appetite and could barely eat anything; but for some reason, he craved for bagels. That’s when Isabelle decided to learn how to make them. Sadly, he did not make it and passed away last April. The MadBagels project served as inspiration to honor Isabelle’s dad and as a way for her to cope with his passing. It also served as an avenue for her and her mom to bond.

MadBagels are all freshly made with love and nothing but premium quality ingredients. “Bagels are hard to make and it takes a lot of time to prep,” Isabelle explains. “We follow a step-by-step process for the bagels to be at premium quality and as perfect as possible. We also want to bring the famous bagels from NewYork to your doorstep!” Out of all of the bagels that we tried, these had the perfect texture to my family’s liking. Of course, this is a matter of preference, but we personally loved the texture of these the most!

1. Nextdoor Neighbor Bakery (@nextdoorneighborbakery)

Nextdoor Neighbor Bakery Bagels

Photo taken and styled by @cereaalstudio and @sheshootslight

Carlyn and her boyfriend Andrew started Nextdoor Neighbor Bakery after playing a lot of Stardew Valley and Don’t Starve Together. Carlyn admits that her sanity was greatly affected by the ECQ with her anxiety growing due to the unpredictable future ahead. With the need to find something to focus on in the present, they started baking.

They started with bagels because Andrew loves them, and it can be quite hard to find good ones here (thus the creation of this article, to be honest). Andrew had just moved back from Singapore, where he had access to all the bagels in the world, so they decided to join the quarantine bakers club and make some at home. They fell in love with the outcome, which led to an obsessive want to keep doing better and wanting to share them to whoever wanted. Well, we fell in love with the outcome, too.

The classics aside, they also have more experimental flavors: the Rosemary Sea Salt, which is their bagel version of focaccia; and the Spanish Bragel, which is inspired by Spanish bread. “It’s part of our mission to make bagels more relatable and likable to Filipinos,” they explain. “If we’re talking about dreaming big (and we do), we would like to take away the misconception that bagels are hard, dense and dry. We want to make it a part of the Filipino kitchen staple.” We hope it becomes a staple, too, because bagels are pure love!!!

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