There’s an App for That! Here’s Where You Can Book Medical Services!

AIDE, a premier medical services app, has announced that it will be re-launching one of its most popular features: Nursing Care.

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Starting this November, you can book a licensed nurse or caregiver through the AIDE app to help you care for your loved ones during the busy holiday season. This is the simplest way to give your loved ones the care they need, with professionals that you can trust.

For those who are looking to head out of town during the ‘ber’ months or who may need an extra hand in taking care of their sick or elderly family members coming into town to visit, you can download the AIDE app to book this service today. It’s as simple as clicking a button.


“Nursing care is one of our most requested services.. It had been on pause due to COVID, but we had gotten many requests to bring it back. We’re always listening to our patients’ needs and we hope this can help them enjoy the holidays stress-free.” said AIDE co-founder and Operations Director, Pamela Donato.


AIDE offers a variety of medical home services that are perfect for any gatherings coming up this Christmas such as COVID-19 testing and Concierge booking. To view their entire lineup of services, download the AIDE app now at or visit the official AIDE website at