theKube: the smallest and cutest mp3 player!

When In Manila and seeking for a music player small enough to never disrupt us while enjoying our music during our daily routines, daily work, daily commutes, and maybe even daily work-outs, There’s no music player smaller, lighter and cuter than theKube! It is probably the smallest and lightest music player I have layed my eyes and hands on. It’s that small and light that you could actually wear it around your neck!



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Build: theKube is 23mm x 23mm x 23mm in dimension. It’s just a dice that’s around 50% larger and still relatively small. It is made in all plastic but feels sturdy enough not to break so easily. I am just extremely amazed at how small it is! I think there’s nothing much really needed to talk about the build, since it is very small and the design is cute and stylish.


theKube, how it works: Well first off, you’re going to need a micro SD card for your music files to be used with theKube. Pretty awesome since the memory is easily expandable through the memory card, instead of having just an internal storage. The 3 button design is pretty simple and easy to go through your playlist with. The back and forward buttons act just the way they are intended, but with a long press, they also become the volume buttons. The pause and play buttons, of course works as the pause and play, but also works as the shuffle button when held down long enough while the music is paused. Pretty neat! Charging theKube is done throught the USB cable supplied. There is also a micro SD dongle included so that you can plug your micro SD to it, and then plug the dongle to your USB hub on your desktop or laptop to fix-up your playlist. Very simple to use!



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Performance: Now theKube doesn’t really give a stellar performance, or anything new or surprising with its sound quality. Honestly, it’s that small, pretty sure a wolfson DAC chip won’t fit into it. But it isn’t a hifi player anyways so it’s not really supposed to do that. But for the size and price, the performance is pretty decent. What’s surprising is with the earbuds that came with theKube! I was insanely surprised with how good and full sounding the earbuds that came with theKube were! Seriously! They even sound better than those Sennheiser MX series earbuds that I used to buy and use years ago when I had no idea of audiophile stuff yet. Seriously, the earbuds that came with theKube blows aways even those Philips, Sony, Audio-Technica and Sennheiser earbuds that go for around a thousand pesos and more. WOW! The last time I heard earbuds sounding really good were with the Yuin PK series earbuds that were just crazy expensive. This one comes free and the sound quality is extremely shocking! It comes with theKube so it is also a plus for theKube itself since it is the earbuds of the player. Pretty darn good!




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Overall, if you want a player that you can bring and use anywhere, and I mean anywhere, because of the very small form factor, get theKube! I am sure to be always using this at the gym while I work-out since I can just wear it around my neck and have no worries and find no disruption. Finally, I found a music player I could tag along at the gym without any disruptions or hassles at all!






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 theKube: the smallest and cutest mp3 player!