Theater Fans Manila Like It Better Live, But They Need Your Support!

Who likes it better live these days? Theater Fans Manila (TFM) does and they would like to prove to you that it is better live. They also want to show the world that local theater is alive and thriving with amazing talents, music and artistry and that missing out on them would be like missing out on much of life’s wonders.


Nothing beats live performances. To be inside the theater where you can feel the energy and intensity of the actors is an experience no amount of money can buy. Sharing it with an audience that equally appreciates the show adds to the excitement of drinking in the experience. From plays to musicals to ballet – all of them fed me with my now incessant addiction to witness moving, breathing, talking pieces of art. — TFM

The thing is: they need your help.

A while back, art critic Orly Agawin of The Jellicle Blog introduced me to this group after watching Trumpets’ A Horse and His Boy at Meralco Theater. Theater Fans is a group of young passionate individuals obsessed with the Manila theater scene. They are very young, with ages ranging from late teens to early twenties. They have been attending and sharing their thoughts about theater shows in Manila on social media since 2011. Their goal is to inspire more people to become theater enthusiasts.

They also want to bring theater awareness to all Filipinos, support the growing local theater industry, and build a strong community of theater fans who can freely voice out their views about the different shows in Manila

To amp up their efforts, they launched their own website last year, which made their reviews more accessible on a global scale. The number of site visits was immediately high, which was awesome, but then their simple website crashed…repeatedly.

To keep up, TFM had to invest in a more powerful hosting service, which cost more than the group had anticipated. Since some of them were still students, cost was definitely an issue. They decided to raise funds by selling TFM limited edition shirts for only PHP450.

Theater Fans Manila

The material is 100% premium cotton. No blends. Unisex. Free shipping across Metro Manila.

It is the perfect gift for people working in the theater industry and for friends and loved ones who have a passion for the performing arts.

XS (chest 36 inches, length 25 inches)
S (chest 38 inches, length 26 inches)
M (chest 40 inches, length 27 inches)
L (chest 42 inches, length 28 inches)

TFM offers 10% off for bulk purchases (3 or more). If you’re interested, you can either:

  1. Make a purchase on the TFM Shop https://theaterfansmanila.com/shop/; or
  2. Send TEAM TFM a Facebook message at facebook.com/TheaterFansMNL) with the following info: Name, Address, Contact Details, and Order Details.
  3. Send TEAM TFM an email at info@theaterfansmanila.com with the following info: Name, Address, Contact Details, and Order Details.

Theater Fans Manila

People say that there’s always that one show that reels you in and makes you fall in love with theater. TFM hopes that you will discover that one show. I think our local theater industry is very fortunate to have such avid young people contributing to its growth. We are very fortunate to have TFM volunteer their time and passion to a worthy cause. Please support TFM by purchasing one or two shirts and support our theater industry by investing in theater tickets for a change.

Theater Fans Manila

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Photo source: TFM website. Thanks to The Jellicle Blog for providing me with all of this information.