The Ultimate Labor Day Weekend Experience: ZoukOut Prelude Edition At Laboracay!

When In Manila, we’re all bound to need vacations sooner or later. I chose to pop out of the city on Labor Day weekend. Destination was Boracay for the ZoukOut Prelude.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.56.55 AM

It was a lazy Saturday morning coming from a very hectic work/school week when I dragged myself to the airport at 4 a.m. to catch my flight to Caticlan. I was being sent to Boracay for Labor Day and although the beach was something I was looking forward to, being up at this god forsaken time was not. After flight delays, a reroute to Kalibo, and countless airport naps later, I found myself on the island. (The fact that my flight was overbooked should’ve been an indication of how the weekend was going to shape up.)


Calm before the party storm. Sunset in Boracay Station 1.


A nice beach side dinner was in order (Set up by Discovery Shores Boracay)

I have to admit, things just started escalating from that first afternoon at the beach.

First stop was the Sunkissed Boracay party.


This was no small party, by the way. What a way to welcome us to the Laboracay party!

At around 10 p.m., we headed to ZoukOut. This, I was definitely looking forward to. The Zoukout Prelude Edition is the first ZoukOut outside of Singapore!


“With 15 years of experience and expertise, ZoukOut is ready to expand beyond the sandy shores of Siloso Beach in Singapore and bring the iconic festival to other countries in the region. 2016 will see an expansion of the festival to three other cities in Asia, with ZoukOut Prelude Edition as the first ZoukOut of the year to be held in Boracay in the Philippines. A total of 11 acts both global and local will be featured at the first overseas edition with an expected crowd of 5,000. SIMILAR TO ZOUKOUT SINGAPORE, ZOUKOUT PRELUDE EDITION WILL ALSO BE A TWO-DAY FESTIVAL, TAKING PLACE ON 30 APRIL AND 1 MAY 2016 AT EPIC AND UPTOWN BEACHFRONT. “


The highlight of the night was Kaskade!

(Special thanks to Joanna Ng for the following photos)



First night of ZoukOut was one for the books! Kaskade was awesome!


The best part? I could post real time updates because the event had free wifi! I Snapchatted the hell out of that event!


With blogger Cha Ocampo at ZoukOut!


For some reason, I have very few photos of myself in the party. Yeah, I was too busy having fun. 😛


My awesome new friends Steve, Airell, Lai, & BFF Ed before ZoukOut. If you ever bump into them, say hi, they’re great to party with.

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