The Ultimate 5 Day Roadtrip Up North: Baguio, Sagada, La Union, Vigan


The Ultimate 5 Day Roadtrip Up North- Baguio, Sagada, La Union, Vigan

I personally couldn’t get enough of Sagada. I now get why that was the go-to place for those in need of some soul-searching (even before That Thing Called Tadhana was released). Waking up to the smell of fresh air, birds chirping, and the site of clouds just above the rice terraces are things I would never get tired of. After a quick breakfast at the inn, we checked-out and made our way to La Union.

There were so many things to see on our way. Even if the ride was supposed to take around 4-5 hours, we took an hour more. By the time we got to La Union, it was late afternoon.

11:00 AM:   Left Sagada for La Union.
03:30 PM:   Checked-in at Mona Liza Beach Resort. Had a quick shower and some snacks.
04:45 PM:   Enjoyed the crashing waves of San Juan, with a little sound-tripping on the beach (and a few drinks to go with it).
07:00 PM:   Ate dinner at Max’s Restaurant, and went around the city before heading back to the resort.
10:00 PM:   Spent the night lying on the beach, enjoying the sound of the waves, and the beautiful night sky.
12:00 MN:   Slept.


The Ultimate 5 Day Roadtrip Up North- Baguio, Sagada, La Union, Vigan

Waking up the next day, we went to a little shack where they sold different viands, so we ordered liempo and started our day. We were on the beach until around lunchtime. A small jellyfish stung me, which is why we decided to shower. Since Vigan was a few hours away, and Bobby has never really gone there, we drove ourselves.

08:00 AM:   Breakfast and beach trip at San Juan, La Union (not a fan of surfing, but the waves were perfect for it).
12:00 NN:   Ate leftovers from last night for lunch. Drove about 4 hours to Vigan, with some stopovers at scenic views on the highway.
04:00 PM:   Arrived at Vigan, and took a kalesa ride around the place to visit some historical sites, like the Bantay Bell Tower.
05:30 PM:   Ate world-famous Vigan longganisa at this restaurant, and bought some to bring back to Manila. We went around shopping for some knives with wooden cases, and enjoyed the rustic feel of the place! The brick roads, delicious aroma of longganisa, and old-fashioned architecture was something I had to just bask myself in. Bobby enjoyed it a lot too.

We didn’t stay at any hotel at Vigan, ‘cause we never really thought we’d go there given the time we had. It was 9:00 PM, and we didn’t have a place to stay. Most of the places, at that time, were fully booked. Bobby decided to drive us back to Manila. That took us around 9 hours, but we made it. We even celebrated our special day on the road, somewhere in Pangasinan.

Well, that’s how you fit travelling to all of those places in five days. Though each day seems cramped, I can surely say that we made the most out of the time we had in each destination. So if you plan on taking an out-of-town trip, and you only have a few days to spare, this itinerary might do you well.


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