The SwissDeli : Home of Mouth-watering Cheese Fondue and the Best Sausages


When In Manila, if there’s something that warms my heart its cheese and sausages!  There is a perfect place for that at The Swiss Deli Restaurant which offers a truly unique culinary experience, fine dining style at a reasonable price.
Let me start with my favorite, the cheese!


The Cheese Fondue (Php 650.00) has three special cheese in it – Swiss Appenzeller, Ementhal and and Gruyere cheese.  Good for sharing, a must-try and a best seller at The Swiss Deli restaurant.


And you know this place serves great cheese with all this goodness, in front, up for sale too.


If there’s cheese, there must be sausages! The Wurstplatte (sausage platter) Php 400.00 has 4 kinds of sausages served pulutan style.


Everything started in Davao where The Swissdeli Restaurant was made famous by a butcher and a baker, Markus Kehl and Romano Venuti.  The sausages and processed meat are produced in Davao. 


In 2013, The Swissdeli Restaurant opened its doors in BF Paranaque where husband and wife team Rachel Kehl (daughter of the swiss butcher Markus Kehl of The Swiss Deli Davao) and husband Jeffry Lua aim to deliver the highest standard of goods and service.


The spacious dining area means downright business of eating and enjoying the food with friends and family.


It serves mainly Swiss cuisine along with other dishes with hefty servings for its price (take note, what you see on the menu pictures are the same as what you get when served). 

The Mittelmeer Pasta Salat (only Php 170.00) or Mediterranean Pasta Salad is greens served with tuna chunks and italian dressing.


There is an array of mock-tails to choose from too.  From watermelon coolers, cucumber lemonade, basil lemonade, mock mojito to name a few.  My favorite is the orange fizz.

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The Marinated Beef Ribs are for the win (Php 315.00).  The flavor is full with a mix of herbs and spices.  But we think this is kid friendly too because of that sweet taste.  I’d say its perfect with beer too, just like any of their products.


On the Swiss Specials is the Pork Knuckle / Sweinshaxen  Mit Saurkraut (Php 395.00) which is crispy cured pork knuckle served with saurkraut and potatoes.  Saurkraut is a side dish that is a good break from the usual side dishes you will get.


For desert we had Caramel Cake (Php 120.00).


And Apple Strudel (Php 120.00). 


The Swissdeli Restuarant got lots of sausages up front for sale too from cold curs, to smoked meat & fish, cooked ham, smoked sausages, fresh sausages, meat loafs, skinless hotdogs and other air dried specialties.  You name it they got it when it comes to sausages.




And the cheese too!


I’d say this is a place worth the stop when you’re in the south.


Here’s Jeff Lua, the candid owner of Swissdeli Restaurant.  Drop by and you may just see him and have a good chat while enjoying their dishes.


If you’re along Aguirre street in BF Paranaque, Swissdeli is the one with the cow in front.



When In Manila, and you’re craving for cheese, sausages and great affordable swiss cuisine with friends and family, The Swissdeli Restaurant is definitely a great place to chill.


The Swissdeli Restaurant




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FAX NO. (02) 519.9317


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