The Skin Lounge: Facials, Laser Hair Removal, Spa Services & A Whole Lot More In Quezon City

After what has undoubtedly been a very busy month in between school and work, I decided to kick back a little and treat myself to a spa day. This is how I found myself at the Skin Lounge along E. Rodriguez Ave.


The second floor of the relatively new TSL Building houses Skin Lounge. The newly opened spa is the second branch (one is in Pampanga) in the growing franchise & upon first impression, it’s easy to see why: the moment I walked in, I was greeted by smiles and much enthusiasm. The staff was friendly and very ready to serve!


The Skin Lounge offers a wide array of services. Different facial variations and diamond peels were on the menu. They also offer Glutathione, Collagen, Placenta injections (which I would’ve loved to try except needles! ????), and even a Gluta cocktail drip. You can also choose to avail of their IPL or Diode hair removal servoces for any body part or their non surgical slimming services. Derma treatments like wart removal and acne treatments were also available.

The great Ate’s of Skin Lounge explained (very, very patiently) every service and procedure offered so that I could pick what services I wanted for the day. I ended up with this selection: A facial + milk mask + facial slimming procedure, diode hair removal, and a hot stone massage. Let the rest and relaxation begin!

The Facial

The treatment started with a facial. Now, I normally never get facials because honestly, I’m not very comfortable with people handling my face and the whole prospect of pimple pricking scares me, but the Skin Lounge staff were very gentle and reassuring.


Here’s how the facial went, step by step.

The last part, the non invasive facial slimming process was pretty impressive! Within minutes of the treatment there was slight change on the side of my face where the treatment was done. Immediately,  the side that underwent the treatment seemed tighter & more taut as compared to the other side. Imagine the results with constant treatments!

The Diode Laser Hair Removal

Next up was the laser hair removal, which I tried on my underarm area for the very first time! Skin Lounge offers both the IPL laser treatment and the Diode laser treatment (Ate pictured below with both laser machines). Not much difference between the two laser processes, according to Ate. But, one laser treatment might work better on you than the other because of how our bodies react differently.

I opted for the Diode laser treatment as, according to Ate, the process is less painful. She tells me that the IPL laser treatment feels like a snapping rubber band while the Diode treatment, on the other hand, just feels like a little amount of heat on the area being treated.


The whole treatment happened so fast. We were done after 15 minutes! First, gel is places on your underarm and they pass the laser through the area 3 times. A fourth pass is done without the gel and then this process is repeated on the other under arm. There was no discomfort or pain, and I didn’t even feel the heat of the laser until it was the 4th pass without the gel. Even then, it was only slight heat that I didn’t even mind.

The key to laser hair treatment is consistency. For the process to be successful, you have to come in every month for your sessions for around 4 months and then around every 2 months after that. I’ll definitely be coming back for my next sessions & I will be blogging about that too, eventually! (visit my personal blog here:

The Hot Stone Massage

Last up on the list of activities was the Hot Stone massage. Basically this is around an hour (or was it an hour and a half? Honestly, I was just so relaxed I dod not even feel the time pass!) of pure relaxation! I cannot even remember the last time I had such a peaceful, calming experience.


The Skin Lounge also offers a private room where couple massages can be arranged.


This is Robert. He walked in Skin Lounge & chatted me up. We talked about his skin transformation story (he even showed me before photos!) & his constant relationship with Skin Lounge! Yay, I made a new friend!

All in all, my visit to the Skin Lounge was a great, relaxing experience. I will definitely coming back!

When In Manila and looking for a place to get pampered, a visit to the Skin Lounge is a must!


0929 715 1888
2nd Floor TSL Building 59 E. Rodriguez Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines

Facebook: Skin Lounge