The Piggery: A Celebration of Comfort Food

With the abundance of food parks around the Metro, looking for a place to eat can sometimes be a daunting task.  This is exactly what the owners of The Piggery felt after scouring the streets of Maginhawa and becoming overwhelmed by the choices they had to deal with. There are times where you’ll have to choose food closest to your heart and when it comes to this, pork is as good as it gets.

The Piggery 3

Brian Ko, Thomas Ang and Jerek Shing experienced the same conundrum, bringing them to pour out their creative juices and conceptualizing a food business of their own: The Piggery. The Piggery is managed by these three foodies, with Bryan Ko leading the pack when it comes to the kitchen. The Piggery is committed to the celebration of pork, like most of us are, and only sources local whole pasture and free range piglets.

The Piggery 4

At The Piggery, diet is not a word you can just blurt out as most of the items on their menu are loaded with carbs, not to mention cholesterol. So, when you visit, make sure you are on your cheat day for you surely won’t be able to resist their mouth-watering pork and non-pork selections. While we are talking about the novelty of this awesome food stall, their food selections also come in two serving sizes: biik (regular) and baboy (large). As they say, “Masarap ang bawal!”

The Piggery 7

Three Little Pigs – Php350

For our appetizer, we had Three Little Pigs, which is pork cooked three ways in sampler sizes.  It has Chairman Chops, Bacon Chips and Tonkatsu Nuggets, with each sampler even having its own delightful sauce. My favorite among the three is the bacon chips because come on… who doesn’t love bacon? More so if it’s cooked in a way where you can literally eat it like chips! Their Bacon Chips are full of crispy awesomeness with just the right amount of fatty goodness.

The Piggery 11

The Piggery 10

Tonkatsu Nuggets

 The Piggery 9

Chairman Chops

The Piggery 8

Bacon Chips

The Piggery 20

Pork Steak Salpicao, Php140 / Php260

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