The Philippines ranks as the most internet-addicted country in the world

A report by HootSuite and We Are Social finds that the Philippines tops the global list of internet users in terms of how many hours people spend a day online. The world internet usage index lists the Philippines’ average time spent on the internet as 10 hours a day.

Thailand and Indonesia join the Philippines in the top 5 ranking, making Southeast Asia “one of the most internet-addicted regions on the planet” according to the Guardian. Interestingly, the top 5 internet users were dominated by developing countries. Coming in second is Brazil, Thailand as third, Colombia as fourth, and Indonesia as fifth.

The country clocking in the least amount of hours a day is another Asian country — Japan. The national average amounted to only 3 hours and 45 minutes. However, the global average is 6.5 hours a day.

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The study’s author says that the biggest takeaway from the report is the increased amount of internet users in 2018. Simon Kemp writes: “The big story in this year’s data is the accelerating growth in internet users. More than 360 million people came online for the first time in 2018, at an average rate of more than one million new users every day.”

Why do you think Filipinos spend so much time online? 


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