Did You Know That the Philippines is Running Out of Water?

Words and Graphics by: Michaela Acero / Photos by: Karl Batungbacal

Although it doesn’t even seem real, the eventuality of a huge Philippine water crisis gets closer everyday. You may be wondering, “What water crisis? There’s a water crisis approaching?” Yes, there is.

When we attended the Sustainability Summit 2018 press launch at Enderun Colleges, we were introduced to the harsh reality of the impending water crisis. We listened to the panelists talk about the urgency of this matter and how this year’s Sustainability Summit will focus exactly on this.

(L-R) Forest Foundation Philippines Communications Officer Schenley Belmonte, Enderun Colleges Director of Research Dr. Jun Salipsip, AGREA Founding Farmer and CEO Cherrie Atilano, and Enderun Colleges Director for Sustainability Engr. Edmond P. Maceda

Let me hit you with some Earth Science facts first: sure, our world may literally be 71% water; but only a whopping 2.5% of it is freshwater and only around 1% of that is drinkable! Sure, these numbers don’t really change, but the demand for potable water does.

With the population growing as fast as it is, drinkable water is becoming scarce in a country that’s literally surrounded by water (oh, irony). Not only is the agricultural sector highly affected by this, but city-dwellers like us will be feeling the repercussions even more as the years go on.

Soon, the day will come when the water we have will simply not be enough for all of us. However, not all hope is lost. While we won’t be able to fully eradicate the impending water crisis, we can do our best to stall it from coming.


Change Your Perspective

It’s time that we face it: WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF CLEAN, DRINKABLE WATER (louder for the people in the back!). We have to start realizing that clean and potable water shortage is real for many of our fellow countrymen, despite being surrounded by it in the forms of rivers, fountains, ponds, water dispensers, etc.

We also have to see the importance of water and how much it affects our daily lives. I mean, we don’t just need to drink it to survive; we need it to wash ourselves, water our plants, and more. The sooner we change our perspective to recognize our need for water and how it’s becoming scarce, we’ll be more aware of how we use it and treat it everyday.

Stay Aware

Knowledge is what will empower you to seek solutions to this problem. Read more about water shortages all around the world and attend events like the Sustainability Summit 2018. There are also other conferences that you can attend to gain more information about the efforts being done, and how you can help.

Be more aware of your personal habits, as well. Do you leave the faucet on while you brush your teeth? Do you throw away your water bottles, even if there’s still water left inside of them? Maximize your water supply and don’t take it for granted!

Additional fact: Our farmers only plant rice ONCE A YEAR (during the rainy season), simply because we don’t have enough water to sustain the crops if we plant during dry seasons. No water = no crops. Read more about the global water crisis here.

Spread the Word

Use social media or any of the platforms you have as an individual to increase discussions on this issue. How many times have you had to keep water in your pails and containers at home because your subdivision was anticipating a water shortage? How many times have you had to buy imported crops because there was just a lack of local ones? Have you ever passed by the various rivers in our country and wondered why they aren’t clean yet? Spreading the word will bring the water shortage to the attention of our kababayans, sparking the need for urgency in our country.

Find Ways to Conserve Water

We may have heard this sooo many times but it’s true: awareness needs to be followed by action. Try to install rainwater filtration systems in your own homes or simply collect rainwater for tasks like washing your car or watering the plants. If you’re a business owner, start looking into water recycling systems for your workspace. If you’re in the government sector, look into creating policies that will guide individuals to make better use of the water they have. Conserving water means using it smartly and sparingly.

Engr. Edmond P. Maceda talking about the need for more discussions on water sustainability.

This problem should not be overlooked or put aside for another day. It’s real and it’s urgent. Small steps will cause big ripples before you know it. To cap it all off, here’s a quote from Engr. Edmond P. Maceda, “We forget that sustainability is for the future generations: which includes even the impoverished people.”

Read about how to do your part in solving other environmental issues here and here.

Sustainability Summit 2018

August 1, 2018

Enderun Colleges, 1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Taguig


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