New Spiral Buffet Reopening at Sofitel Hotel Manila: Marvel With The 21 Dining Ateliers

The New Spiral Buffet: Marvel With The 21 Dining Ateliers



We were so happy to grace last night’s “invite-only” unveiling event of The New Spiral Buffet. Today, November 8, 2012, come join and celebrate the official opening of the new spiral buffet – a celebration of the most stunning and unique dining experience composed of 21 dining ateliers.





“ATELIER: a workshop for an Artisan. In Spiral, it is where secret recipes are masterfully prepared right before your very eyes.”



The New Spiral Buffet’s main lobby



To create the new exciting concept, Sofitel’s executives have traveled their way to Asia and Europe to find out the best markets around the world and put them together in a very short time. Truly world class, the new Spiral buffet is setting up a new benchmark not just in the Philippines, but around the world.



Salad Bar



Offering gastronomical journey around the world, start your culinary adventure with  The New Spiral Buffet’s salad bar. Fresh organic salads are tossed right in front of you. Then continue to walk your way to the different continents as you enjoy the different signature dishes with the sweet finish at the chocolate room.



The New Spiral Buffet’s CHOCOLATE ROOM 



The Chocolate Room is located at the previous cold/sushi section.





3 chocolate fountains to tickle your chocolate fantasy



Pinoy favorites: halo-halo, bibingka, puto-bumbong and ice cream



Yes! The original Sofitel choco-chip cookies are still here!!!



The New Spiral Buffet’s tandoori oven



  Northern Indian dining selection



Brazilian churrasco feast – prime ribs, rib eye, lamb legs, etc.



 Everyone’s raving about THE CHEESE ROOM



Dry cured hams complemented with onion jam (Don’t miss this)



 The New Spiral Buffet’s Famous Cheese Room – a cheese cave delighting every cheese lover on board!



With the addition of the cheese room, chocolate room and Brazilian inspired churrasco, diners will definitely enjoy all the specials laid out on the new spiral buffet.  However, you have to come starving as there’s just too many food (it’s impossible to try everything in one visit).



Freshly baked breads with a wide variety of home-made spreads



Japanese section – teppan, sukiyaki, miso soup, etc.



Teppan and karaage



Croquettes and tempura



Get your dose of FOIE GRAS at the French corner ♥♥♥

(I could stay here all day)



Foie gras terrine (I think every plate that night had these sinful treats)



Baked oysters, duck confit, roasted turkey and many more!!!



Delectable Oriental dishes at The New Spiral Buffet are prepared by these awesome chefs



Chinese dimsum



Everything is made from scratch, even the hand-pulled noodles 



Rock lobster and other stir-fried goodies



Frog legs, anyone?



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