The New KFC Shawarma Rice Bowl is Your Next Go-To Meal!

Shawarma rice is one of our favorite dishes. The familiar combination of meat mixed with yoghurt, cucumber, tomatoes, and rice can make anyone’s mouth water and head for the nearest shawarma stand. While there are plenty of places that offer this delicious dish, it’s always a hit or a miss.

For a consistent hit, we discovered KFC’s Shawarma Rice Bowl and fell in love with it! It’s like going on a flavor adventure with the combination of ingredients coming together for a tasty dish.

The dish starts with the chicken rice, which is topped with creamy garlic yoghurt. Then there’s the bed of spicy Hot Shots, drizzled with hot sauce for the extra special kick. On the side are the tomatoes and cucumber slices, which add a sweet taste to the mix. It’s like going on a flavor adventure!

The KFC Shawarma Rice Bowl is available in KFC stores nationwide so make sure to try it out!

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