The Moffatts Farewell Tour Concert: We Missed Them Like Crazy

It took 16 years for The Moffatts to return to Manila after their first visit, but from the looks of the packed Araneta Coliseum during their concert for their farewell tour concert, their return was a much welcomed scenario. Sure the boys are all grown upsporting shorter hair (though Scott’s long brown hair with blonde streaks would forever be etched and loved in my mind) and older faces, but hey so are wetheir fanswho grew up listening to their music as we adoringly gazed at them from our TV screens. Probably the same fans who caused the glass door entrance of Hard Rock Cafe to collapse years ago on their first visit to the Philippines because they super wanted to catch a glimpse of them!

When the guys were asked what fans could expect from their concert during their press con, they promised a whole lot of fun. Sure enough, the concert was lit! Bob, Clint and Scott Moffatt all brought their A-game to the concert as they gave the audience all the nostalgic feels from the 90s and early 2000s by singing most of their hit songs.

IMG_8460Scott and Clint rocked those electric guitars like the true pop rock band that The Moffatts are!

I sang along and screamed my heart out like I was a teenage girl again as they sang Crazy, Misery, I’ll Be There For You, Bang Bang Boom and If Life is so Short. Of course when they played Girls of the World, everyone was even more thrilled as Philippines is mentioned in the lyrics. But probably my favorite part would have to be when they sang their ballad hits: Who Do You Love and Love. The whole Coliseum lit up with glow sticks and flashlights from smartphones waving side to side, as we all sat there listening quietly, taking in their voices as they sang. We felt our hearts melting once more for The Moffatts like it did when we were younger. At one point in the show, the guys themselves couldn’t help but take notice of just how beautiful that scene was.

The Moffatts showed off just how talented they are as musicians. Because while the concert brought memories from way back when, the guys also debuted their new materialsBob and Clint’s collaboration as Endless Summer and Scott Moffatt. This gives us, fans, hope that while we may not be seeing The Moffatts any time soon, they will still be around for us to love and admire.

Scott Moffatt’s new music is very pop-ish, even somewhat reminiscent of the music he played as part of The Moffatts. Distract Me, in particular, made me want to dance.

IMG_8430Scott Moffatt gave the audience a preview of his new songs as he played the keyboard

Endless Summer’s music, on the other hand, is quite different. It’s more country musiclike going back to their childhood years. My favorite so far has to be I Will. Such a sweet song.


IMG_8452Clint and Bob showed the audience their amazing vocals as they played their songs as the duo now known as Endless Summer

The last song they played from The Moffatts Farewell Tour concert was I Miss You Like Crazytheir first big hit song in the Philippines and the song that brought them here 16 years ago. And I personally think it’s the most apt song for closing. When The Moffatts took a bow at the end of the show, I almost got teary eyed. It truly was an awesome and unforgettable concert.

Check out some more photos from The Moffatts Farewell Tour concert below.




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