The Mind Museum Provides The Ultimate Family Experience

The Mind Museum Provides The Ultimate Family Experience


Aside from the usual going to the mall or having a thrilling day at an amusement park, one of the best ways to spend family day When In Manila is to go to the Mind Museum in Taguig! It is not a secret that the When In Manila community has always loved the Mind Museum. My fellow When In Manila writer, Jo, even named it as one of the interesting things to do in the metro, and just recently, the Mind Museum gave us another reason to love it even more.

Yes, the Mind Museum threw a family day for the media, and of course, When In Manila was there to enjoy the magical day.

Mind Museum

In a hall in the majestic Mind Museum, the media gathered along with their respective families for a magical day. The crowd was given food stubs for the four food stations that were present. The winner of the Masterchef Kid’s Editon, Kyle, was present with his glory, Kyle’s Lab, while Uncle Cheffy’s was there to provide some of their yummy pizzas.

Mind Museum 2

Sophie’s Mom was also there for dessert (their chocolate truffle mochi is amazing, by the way!)

Check out our feature on Sophie’s Mom here: The Sweetest Bakery and Confectionary This Side of Makati

Mind Museum 3

Sebastian’s Ice Cream was there, too – perfect for the heat wave this summer.

While the food was undoubtedly great, the event wouldn’t be complete without a tour inside the Mind Museum, of course.

Mind Museum 4

As my fellow writer, Ivica, pointed out in her article on her own Mind Museum adventure, there are 5 main galleries in the Mind Museum. The Universe Gallery has got to be my favorite, though, what with the artificial twinkling stars that make me wanna pull out a picnic blanket and just lie down on the floor to marvel at them.

In the Mind Museum, one doesn’t just have fun, either. You can learn so much more about the world that we live in, as well.

Mind Museum


Mind Museum

One of my favorite attractions in the museum would definitely be this tunnel, though:

Mind Museum 5

Though this may seem like an ordinary tunnel, it actually gives off the illusion that you are spinning! Talk about fun!

While touring around the museum, the guests were also given a set of tasks to accomplish, such as visiting the planetarium and catching the movie there, and so on. If you happened to be one of the families that were able to finish the tasks first, then you got to win cool Mind Museum freebies!

Although we weren’t able to win the awesome freebies from Mind Museum, we still had fun nonetheless, and if my two fellow writers’ articles on Mind Museum did not convince you enough to go check out Mind Museum, then hopefully he will (look below!)

Mind Museum 6



The Mind Museum


JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact: 909-MIND (6463)






The Mind Museum Provides the Ultimate Family Experience