The Little Pinky Store: Excessorize To The Max!

WHEN IN MANILA, on a scale of one to excessorizing, how many pieces of bracelets, necklaces, gigantic cocktail rings do you pile on for a special event or even just for a chill stroll in a mall?

Accessories are the iron suit of Iron Man, the shield of Captain America, the hammer of Thor for any stylish gal out there. That’s why whether I’m just going to school or visiting my grammy’s house, I make sure I always have just enough weapons on me and excessorize to the max!

The Little Pinky Store, an online shop, is my very own armoury. I swear they have the cutest accessories that I’m sure even THE Rachel Zoe would kill to add to own a piece of The Little Pinky Store.




Among the drool worthy accessories from The Little Pinky Store, here are some of my personal faves.




(Php 200)





I’ve always been in love with love. No wonder I’m a huge sucker for rom-coms, Taylor Swift music, and anything and I mean anything that has the word love written on it. The Little Pinky Store’s Love bracelet is no exception. I super love this cute bracelet that I’ve been rocking it for days now.





(Php 200)





Ever since I started watching the addicting TV show, Revenge, I’ve been obsessed with infinities. I have even been allowing my friends to draw on my wrist as long as they can doodle Emily Thorne’s signature double infinity perfectly. But with The Little Pinky Store’s infinity bracelet, goodbye deadly ballpen ink!





(Php 200)

Though I love colors, I must admit half of my closet are literally filled with black, white, and grey pieces. I’m sure I’ll be rocking more bright pieces though with The Little Pinky Store’s super cute color blocked bracelets.

(Php 180)





The Little Pinky Store’s Luna bracelets are so simple yet so chic and edgy. I’ve been piling up my arm with these super cute bracelets everywhere I go. From school to college parties, you name it!





(Php 280)





Who knew something so tough and edgy like chains can mix up with something so light and delicate like threads and become something so amazingly pretty?!





(Php 250)





Here’s The Little Pink Store showing how one can turn something so girly like braids and twist it into something edgy by adding nuts! As Tyra Banks always puts it, fierce and love!


So if you’re attending an event or merely strolling in the mall, don’t forget to check out The Little Pinky Store and excessorize to the max WHEN IN MANILA.







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