The Good Drank PH: Bottled Chocolate Jelly and Coffee Jelly for the Whole Family

If you’re looking for an online store that you can order drinks from that the entire family will enjoy, Good Drank PH is it!

I’ve always had “trouble” ordering coffee because when it gets here, my daughter automatically asks if I ordered anything for her. Since most of the places that I get my coffee from doesn’t offer kid-friendlier drinks, I always have to say “no” and see the disappointment in her face. Well, not anymore! Good Drank PH caters to everyone in the family – and that includes kids and even seniors, like my dad, who prefers his coffee creamy and sweet instead of strong and black like me.

If you find the coffee a bit too sweet, you can just put it in a glass and add a bit of water into it to dilute the sweetness a little. That’s what I do until I get the perfect taste for my palate. (Plus, I end up with more coffee that way!)

Good Drank PH 3

Good Drank PH has been around since October. The brand started when the owner’s kids were on their sem break and were asking for money. However, since the owner wanted her kids to learn to value money at an early age, she started thinking of ways for them to make money while at school instead.

Around the same time, her eldest daughter brought home some homemade milk tea and they then decided to create their own choco jelly recipe for selling, which has now evolved into a coffee variant, as well.

The Good Drank Bottled Coffee
They started with their kids selling the drinks at school and then started selling online. It was a hit and now, they have resellers, as well. The price of a bottle is usually Php120; but for resellers, they give a minimum of 2 boxes (24 bottles per box) at Php100 per bottle.

Good Drank PH uses premium ingredients to ensure the best flavors. They also included jelly for both variants to give them a unique edge. Plus, they use glass bottles to stay eco-friendly.

Good Drank PH 4

They also help out during the pandemic by reaching out and giving donations and discounts to frontliners and hospitals, including East Ave. Medical Center, Medical City, Bulacan Frontliners, Bernardino Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, and South East Asian Medical Center Cavite. “We love helping out and seeing the smiles on frontliners’ faces when they receive our donations,” they share.

Good Drank PH 5

It’s always a plus for me when I find out that brands help out when they can during the pandemic. However, Good Drank PH offers happiness to my family, as well, and that’s enough reason for me to keep supporting them. Try out their drinks yourself!

All photos from Good Drank PH.

Good Drank PH

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodDrankPH

Instagram: @gooddrankph

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