The Farm At San Benito: A Wellness Haven

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South Pool


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The Farm has three pools available for guests to enjoy – the South Pool (closest to Alive! Restaurant), the man-made Waterfalls (the most secluded) and the Infinity pool at the Healing Sanctuary.


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Infinity Pool at the Healing Sanctuary – the most beautiful pool in The Farm

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Lagoons are also everywhere – creating the perfect serene setting for meditation


THE FARM’s INTEGRATED MEDICAL SERVICES: Holistic Health Consultation with Nutritional Microscopy


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I was scheduled for a Nutritional Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis), wherein my blood cell was analyzed by a doctor through the use of a phase-contrast microscope. This procedure helps identify a patient’s current state of health at the cellular level. The normal blood cell is round and not clumping. Mine has spikes all over and well, clustered in groups :p After a brief consultation, the doctor advised me to cut down on sweets. (But milk teas and ice creams are just so irresistible). *sigh* After learning the unfortunate news, I decided to go back to the healing sanctuary to give my body the ultimate spa treatment it deserves.


THE FARM’s SIGNATURE TREATMENT: Detoxifying Treatment – Skin Kayud Detox with Turmeric and Coconut Cream


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the-farm-when-in-manila (65) A friendly peacock welcomed me at The Farm’s Healing Sanctuary. It feels so good to be one with nature.


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The Farm’s Skin Kayud Detoxifying Treatment lasted for almost 2 hours. This includes application of Virgin Coconut Oil all over the  body (including face) then the two therapists scraped it off using Mother of Pearl shell, which helps in lymphatic circulation.


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Then, they applied a combination of coconut pulp cream and turmeric (yellow ginger) all over my body, which serves as body scrub and then wrapped me with a cloth for 15 min. A hot compress was also placed over my tummy, which was part of the detoxification process.


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After the wrap, I cooled off with a quick shower and then soaked in a tub filled with coconut milk and warm water to moisturize the skin. The whole process inside the room was 90 minutes and I spent the remaining 20-30 minutes outside with a warm ginger tea and hot compress on my tummy.


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 The Farm’s Spa Manager, Mr. Lem


While I was enjoying my hot compress outside, I was happy to have a small chit-chat with The Farm’s Spa Manager, Lem, who was oh so bubbly and full of positivity. I’ve learned from him that our body is water – acid is from anger and to make our body alkaline, we must be happy. Lem also stressed a fact that our body is a doctor itself. Our body can heal itself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook in life. We create our own toxins. It’s all about forgiveness and acceptance. We have to be more loving and happy in order to help our body improve the immune system. Feelings can be poisonous and it can be healing so we have to create our own happy place – interact with nature and absorb it. That is exactly what The Farm provides  – a happy environment, guidance and support you need to nurture your health and well-being.



Fraiche Salads : Available for Delivery



The Farm at San Benito

119 Barangay Tipakan

Lipa City, Batangas



Contact Number: (63) 918 – 884 – 8078


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“The Farm at San Benito wins the world’s best medical wellness resort

The spa industry’s Oscars equivalent, SENSES Wellness Awards were announced in early March and Philippines-based The Farm at San Benitowas deemed “Best Medical Wellness Resort” worldwide for the second time running at Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB), one of the world’s largest tourism fairs in Berlin, Germany.

Luckily The Farm’s trophy cabinet is large, as this award marks 26 international accolades in just a decade of operation.

Influential members of international hotel, lifestyle and wellness industries gathered at the gala event to promote and support the premium lifestyle and wellness guide and global gauge for excellence published in English, German and Russian (

Judges reward outstanding resorts and spas that adhere to and embody the SENSES Wellness ethos – offering comprehensive, holistic service that includes exemplary wellness standards, medical treatments and therapies, expertly administered by highly-trained staff at unique, serene and tranquil locations. The Farm at San Benito team is proud to receive global recognition for continued commitment to empower every guest to reach and maintain optimum health and embrace conscious living.  

Located in Batangas, Philippines, The Farm at San Benito team guide and support thousands of new and recurring guests to attain and sustain improved quality of life through preventive health strategies, integrative medical services and pure, nourishing food.  Combining detoxification/cleansing retreats with raw, livecuisine was considered revolutionary in 2002. Today, The Farm at San Benito remains the only Philippines resort to offer natural and holistic health programs that address cancer care, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. 

Change your health and your life with a nourishing and cleansing holiday.  All-inclusive Wellness Programsstart at USD 299++ and Detox Cleanse/Specialised Healing Retreats are priced from USD 499++ per person per night.”

The Farm At San Benito: A Wellness Haven


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