The End of an Era: One Direction Reportedly Breaking Up

So. One Direction is supposedly disbanding. That is according to a source close to the boy band, US Weekly reports. Though lots of girls’ hearts are for sure breaking all over the world about it, we can’t say we’re really all that surprised about the news. Sometime in the last year, before the world-wide phenomenon pop band released their fifth studio album Made in the A.M. last November, they announced they were going on a year-long hiatus starting March of this year.

But considering the tough year the band has gone through after Zayn Malik unexpectedly left the group in March while in the middle of their Asia tour, all the issues, and Twitter fights that followed thereafter, a lot of people were questioning the said “hiatus.” Was this a band break-up in disguise?

One Direction is Reportedly Breaking Up

The members of the group denied it, saying that after a straight five-year run, they all just needed a temporary break. At the 1D London Session for Apple Music, the boys explained it as a time to kick back, go home to family and friends, and make music without the time constraints and pressure. But that’s the point exactly. They already had a phenomenal five-year run. That’s a pretty impressive streak in boy band history. Stretching it more could only be ruining the epic party.

The source shared that, now, Liam Payne wants to pursue music producing and songwriting, Harry Styles into acting, and Louis Tomlinson to focus for the time being into becoming a first-time dad. “The 1D thing just ran its course. They’ll remain friends, but they are exhausted and want solo careers.”

And so, it seems, they are never ever ever getting back together. (Sorry Harry fans. I had to.)


Do you think One Direction is really breaking up? On a scale of one to apocalyptic mess, how sad are you about this news?