The Demo to Remember: A-Team’s benefit concert


When In Manila may have had one of the most explosive dance concerts to date when A-Team presented us with The DemoA-team‘s benefit concert held in SM Skydome last July 8, 2012. With more than a 1,000 participants, the dome was filled up with unifying roars as A-Team dispatched their opening number.



A-Team opened the stage and blessed us with intense choreography right away: with MJ Arda and Lyka Arda (the choreographers of the team) sharing the same block of the segment. The first routine set the bar that may not be reached by many groups and can be described in two words: world class. From then on every time they set foot on stage all they gave was of that quality.


Their “boy-girl” routine was crafted ironically, with girls dressed in baseball shirts and guys in preppy outfits, but still adhering to the elements of swag and sexiness.



Third performance was the live rendition of A-Team‘s viral dance video in youtube entitled “He’s a Mental Giant” with a twist, of course. The routine doubled its time limit and blew our minds with the fusion of solos, popping and locking, bboying and vougeing.



Next in line was A-team‘s Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 routine, which placed 3rd out of a hundred international participants.



Then the team took a break from all the dancing, coaches thanked all of A-team’s supporters who came. Then, they invited everyone to join them in prayer as the eight handpicked dancers from the cluster presents their World Hip Hop 2012 Routine.


Finally, the World Hip hop routine music played and the dancers for the varsity division came out from the backstage with a taunting demeanor and fired groove . Everything was performed with more than a hundred percent in every movement.

Their attitude was compelling, to the point of tension even; and energy was consistent despite dancing previous routines that were of the same energy level.

It was unique, carefully choreographed and passionately executed; destined to earn a title.



Before the concert closed to an end, the A-team gave us their final gift: a video of their wacky selves during training and a finale number that highlighted each member in their respective fortes in Hip Hop dance styles. The crowd roared in unity when they staged their final pose and we all stood and clapped for the greatest show we have ever watched.


Aside from these outstanding routines from A-team, they also featured crews who shared the same passion in dance and in representing the country. Groups like Addlib, Phlippine Allstars, Rockstars, LSDC Street, ACTS and such owned the stage with energetic and full force numbers. These following photos are from my favorite guest presenters.


Tha Project will also represent our country in the WHH 2012 Dance Competition adult division. They performed a very fun and stylistic number.


Claret School’s Hataw, also headed by Lyka Arda, presented us a bit of everything form the world of street dancing. 


These young Ladies from SPCP Terpsichore, one of MJ Arda’s teams aside from the A-Team, performed an oh-so-sexy number filled with swag and groove. 


 The Crew’s routine, defying the norm yet again, performed an outstandingly witty performance.  Good job, UP. 


Mikhaela Gregory, who was also a dancer, hosted the whole event. 

In behalf of everyone from the Philippine street dance community, I congratulate A-Team for a successful concert. Continue Inspiring us.


Wheninmanila, click away and support these young and passionate dancers of A-Team as they battle it out in Las Vegas on Aug 4 for the World Hip Hop Dance Campionship Varsity division.

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Credits to: Alfonso Avila, Alexa Cancio and Mariane Detera for the Photos. more photos HERE.

The Demo to Remember: A-Team’s benefit concert