Dark Knight Rises Review: Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway Oh My!




::There are no spoilers here so read away!::


If you haven’t seen Batman the Dark Knight Rises yet, stop reading this. Seriously. Leave your house. Stand in line. Do whatever you have to do to go see it ASAP!!



A Real Batman Fan

Truth be told, I’ve been a Batman fan since I was 12 (and yes, I have about 2000 comic books stacked in my closet at home). And I’m a hardcore Batman fan. I loved Christopher Nolan‘s first two renditions of the dark Caped Crusader, but I was nervous with this new one. How could the Dark Knight Rises top Batman Begins and the original Dark Knight?


Well, it DID!!!! And by a long shot! And here’s how, without spoiling anything in the movie!




The Dark Knight World

The Dark Knight Rises takes us even further into the world of Batman. Things get serious, and as the movie begins you can already feel that Bruce Wayne is grittier and darker than before. The first scene introduces a sinister new villain, Bane. While the Joker took us on a crazy ride in the Dark Knight, Bane is comparably scary but much more cunning.


Bane is the first villain to truly be on Batman’s level. Gotham has never faced such a loss of such proportions, and Catwoman (played by the gorgeous Anne Hathaway) toes the line between hero and nemesis.




Halfway through the movie we were all gasping. Then I realized that there was another hour and a half. While I didn’t breathe the rest of the film, it didn’t matter because I was took captivated. For those of you that know, the Dark Knight Rises throws bonuses in about Batman history, and there are some VERY good twists and turns in the film.




Dark Knight Rises: Got it All!

Love interests, epic fight scenes, more high tech toys, pure evil villains. Combine all this with brilliant acting and terrific directing and another astoundingly well written script by Christopher Nolan and his brother, The Dark Knight Rises won’t let anyone down, new and old fans alike.


The Dark Knight Rises is undoubtedly the best in the trilogy and is the best movie this year, if not decade. Seriously. I am such a big critic of movies and LOVED every second of Batman! SEE IT NOW!


I’m sooooo grateful to our friends at Mellow 94.7 that gave us the Dark Knight Rises tickets! I got pics with DJs Kyle Nofuente, Tracy Abad of the Wake Up Show and the evening’s host, Stan, one half of the Twisted Tag Team!







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