The Big Blog Exchange Contest: Need your support

Traveling is always cool especially when in Manila or any part of the world. Visiting new places, meeting new faces, tasting food you never imagined existed—things like these are always exciting.

The Big Blog Exchange offers a new once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to any blogger who would like to share and be informed about what goes on in various places. Whether the country in question is in Latin America, Europe or Asia, surely there is something just waiting to be found and shared with the rest of the world. With the help of Hostelling International, sixteen passionate bloggers will get to have an experience of a lifetime, exchanging blogs, cultures and places in real life.

I may just be a newbie to the blogging community, but I have a voice too. I do believe that local knowledge can inspire the world and broaden everyone’s understanding. I want to inspire and be inspired, and even exchange ideas with people with a different set of beliefs, those who grew up affected by a social or political structure alien to ours.

Knowing that the Philippines is abundant with beautiful beaches, delicious food and friendly folk, I’d also like to introduce our country to an international blogger capable of bringing our country’s food, history and culture to new light. I’d love to reach out to an international audience and make everyone see what our country has to offer, like (off the top of my head) our biscocho, suman, tapsilog, chicharon and sisig or the Punta Engaño Beach in Cebu and even the Buntud Beach in Masbate.

 Lifestyle Manila in the Big Blog Exchange

Since the majority of the competition relies on votes, I need you to cast one for me, one of the contributing authors of When in Manila. The top voted blogs will be judged by an international jury, and if I won I’d love to share all my experiences with you guys!

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Do vote for me here.

Let’s reach a broader audience soon. Let’s tell the world what the Philippines has to offer, what is unique about our tropical country and what makes us Filipinos such driven, caring and hospitable people. Let’s cast our votes now, when in Manila.

The Big Blog Exchange Contest: Need your support