Best Gangnam Style Videos: PSY Dancing Craze and Dance Steps

Forget about walkin out, crankin dat, teaching me how to dougie or jerk, or doing the macarena…Gangnam Styleir?t=whenicom 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B008IXSO7W is the dance move that’s hot! 



Best of Gangnam Style Videos: PSY Dancing Craze and Dance Steps 



The incredibly catchy, bouncy, foot-stomping tune by South Korean rapper Park Jae-Sang aka Psy comes out in his latest album after a two year wait. The song by itself is nothing special for non-Koreans, but the magic that tipped the scales is its wacky music video. Thanks to the dance choreography, ridiculous fashion and anime-style randomness, Gangnam Style is exploding all over the internets and going completely viral, with video parodies, dance numbers, and mash-ups from everywhere in the world. Pop stars  like Nicki Minaj, Nelly Furtado and LMFAO and people who don’t speak a word of Korean have been inspired by the Gangnam style video  and busted out his signature dance move which proves the power of music and dance to break across all language and cultural barriers. Apparently, the song pokes fun at the posh people from the Gangnam district in South Korea. The Manila counterpart would be the private subdivisions like Forbes, Dasmariñas Ayala Alabang Village, etc. presents some of the best Gangnam Style-inspired videos on the internet so far:



1. Baby Gangnam Style


LA-based vlogger watsupelle and these really cute babies and their really gorgeous moms parody the Gangnam style video in true LA housewife fashion.





2. Umma Gangnam Style


Vlogger mikosong teaches his 60-year-old mom the Gangnam style video. She absolutely owns it and is rocketed to internet stardom.





3. Korean dance team Waveya


A scorching rendition of Gangnam Style. I don’t know how many sexy Korean dance groups there are out there–there seem to be a hell of a lot–and that’s a good thing! Sexy dance groups seem to be South Korea’s 5th hottest export, after kimchi, Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai products.






 4. Pyongyang Style


Posted by lalartu (don’t know if edit is by lalartu as well) masterfully selects footage from communist North Korea  and Team Americair?t=whenicom 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0007Y08IS in this absolutely riveting video. Reminds me of this gem from several years ago.





Finally, here is a mash-up of some more noteworthy Gangnam Style inspired videos from the Youtube channel What’s Trending hosted by the lovely Shira Lazar:





So hey, sexy lady, if you’re thinking of busting out some moves When In Manila, do the Gangnam Style!


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 Best of Gangnam Style Videos: PSY Dancing Craze and Dance Steps