The Baker’s Table: Delicious Cakes Made From Your Favorite Childhood Sweets

What do Peter’s Butterball, Hawhaw, and XO candies have in common? Not only it does remind us of our nene and totoy days, but these sweets we once loved are now being transformed into cakes! Read that one right, CAKES!

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Chef Jonnathan and his wife, Monika, own The Baker’s Table—a pastry shop along the booming Maginhawa Street which has been transforming simple candies into yummy cakes since March 2014. Chef Jonnathan, who is also a full-time lecturer in CCA, discovered using the home-grown sweets by accident. He was supposed to make a cake for the shop’s opening and upon searching for its ingredients, he “happened” to be at the candy section of a grocery store (though he later on admitted that he actually frequented the area haha) and saw a bag of Flat Tops. He previously made a cake made of Ferrero chocolates, so he thought, why not use the confections he used to indulge with when he was little? Indeed, very clever, Chef!

Let us chow down the childhood memory lane, shall we? Meet the modernized cake versions of the candies you used to buy in the sari-sari store near you.


5 The Baker’s Table Cakes that will Make You Feel #Nostalgic

5. Hawhaw Cake

Remember that candy that made your mouth so full, you couldn’t speak? That even when you tried biting it, it wouldn’t budge? Yes, that’s definitely Hawhaw! And to take the difficulty off of you it has now been transformed into a cake.

Made from vanilla sponge cake with cream cheese frosting, and using the Hawhaw as a sugar substitute, for P110 per slice, this is absolutely one sulit must-try dessert.

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4. Peter’s Butterball Caramel Cake

One of the store’s best sellers, on the other hand, uses the melted Peter’s Butterball candy as a caramel frosting. I thought the cake was going to be too sweet, but lo and behold, it wasn’t! I started to be amazed by Chef Jonnathan’s creations, which are mostly well-balanced and gracefully executed.

Look at the dramatic drip of the frosting on the side. Who would think that it’s locally made candy?

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3. XO Coffee Cake

This is a recent creation by Chef Jonnathan. This cake is a combination of sponge cake and a (thick) cheesecake filling. Even without knowing what candy it’s made from, with just one bite, you’ll undeniably scream: XO for sure!

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2. Max’s Honeymansi Cheesecake

Now, this cake is so new that we were the first ones to taste it! The Max’s Honeymansi Cheesecake will just be launched this September. A cheesecake with Max’s Honeymansi custard at the top? Instant hit amongst my companions.

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This is one newly crafted creation that succeeded in achieving its vision. We were really surprised how recognizable the flavor was. Even at first bite, you’ll know right away. It’s Max’s!

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1. Choco Mallows Cake

Eeeeek! This cake made me squeal in excitement. Why? Because it really looks like a giant Choco Mallows! Dome-shaped and made of ¾ mallows on the inside, it is one of the most difficult cakes to make, according to Chef Jonnathan.

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But for P120 per slice, it seems like the added effort is only P10. With the size, you really get your money’s worth. Certainly, my most favorite cake among the bunch.

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Note: The candies these desserts are made from are also being served with the cake.

Other novelty cakes to try from The Baker’s Table are:
> Mikmik Mousse
> Hany Cake
> Orange Swits Cake
> Flat Tops Chocolate Cake
> Viva Candy Cake
> Puto Bumbong Cake
> Potchi Cheesecake

Aside from cakes, they also have crinkles made from Lala. Lala is a chocolate I personally prefer over Mars, Snickers, and Butterfinger.

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The prices are actually reasonable relative to the huge portion of the cakes. But the best thing about these cakes is the owners’ vision for the customers to be reminded of their childhood. A big shout out to all 80s and 90s bagets out there!


Help save the Melon Rings cake

Anyone know of manufacturers or owners of Melon Rings? Chef Jonnathan has temporarily stopped making its cake version because they couldn’t find the candies anymore. Let us help them save the Melon Rings cake!


The Baker’s Table

88-B Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City
Instagram: @thebakerstablebypc