The AJ1 Chicago is Rumored to Make a Comeback in 2020

For many sneakerheads, the iconic Air Jordan 1 Chicago is the ultimate grail. After all, it is dubbed as “the shoe that started it all.” Whether or not you are a fan of Michael Jordan, there is no denying that the Chis greatly impacted the course of the history of sneakers.

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The last release of the highly coveted pair was years ago so if you missed it, we have good news for you. Your favorite Chicago colorway is rumored to return in February 2020 to coincide with the shoe model’s 35th anniversary. This time, the new iteration of the sneakers is called ’85 New Beginnings.

You better not sleep on it!


Please note that the shoe in the picture above is the original Air Jordan 1 Chicago from 1985. The new iteration of the sneakers may have a few slight differences when it releases. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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