The 24 Best Reactions to Robin Arryn During the GoT Season Finale

A lot of things happened this finale and social media is ablaze with reactions, anger, heartbreak, and cheer. But there was a little surprise waiting for us in this episode, one many of us sort of didn’t think would ever pop up again. We’d all forgotten the moon-door-loving, breastmilk-having, tantrum-throwing little boy of the Vale. And when many of us saw him again, we kind of did a double take (same here, though).

No one expected him to look like freakin’ Prince Charming all of a sudden. And social media ate it right up. Here are the best reactions to his glo-up.

24. No, we aren’t

23. Neville is shaking

22. The real plot twist

21. We all know

20. A balanced diet!

19. I can’t

18. He probably does Fortnite dances too

17. The spin-off we deserve

16. The REAL issue with this episode

15. It’s a medieval bottle

14. Lowkey?

13. It’s a hand-me-down

12. The snack of snacks

11. It feels kinda weird, huh

10. I need these two to have a conversation

9. OTW.mp3

8. Oh, I see

7. It’s a long fall


6. I wish I did, too

5. Ooh

4. Timothee is shaking

3. A pretty good autobiography title

2. *Squints* What year is it

1. And finally, the magic of protein

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