The 20 most iconic movie and TV siblings

Happy national siblings day!

Ah, siblings. You love them or you hate them or love to hate them (or hate to love them?)! Whatever permutation of those two actions, you are family. In celebration of National Siblings Day, here are 20 iconic siblings that we have all loved over the years!

20. Luke and Leia Skywalker

04Luke and Leia

The Skywalkers are always brewing up trouble in the galaxy. To be fair, they also try to solve those problems. Luke and Leia, Anakin and Padme’s iconic twins, had a bit of an awkward start when they met but they eventually showed us how a pair of siblings could pave their way into hero status together.

19. Candace, Phineas, and Ferb

04Candace Phineas and Ferb

While Candace is always out to bust her brothers, we all know she loves them dearly. Her vigilant eye meets poor luck every time she tries! Phineas and Ferb, while not blood-related, share a very close bond and always try to include Candace, no matter how caught up she is in trying to expose their plans.

18. The Starks

04Stark siblings

The siblings that, arguably, have the most hearts breaking whenever they were divided. The Stark siblings, while fewer in number, are still standing strong and proud. Every time they (or their wolves) were separated, we all said a prayer. We can’t wait to see them become Westeros’ most fearsome family and avenge their fallen loved ones! (Don’t worry, I didn’t forget Jon–he’s there at the back!)

17. Loki and Thor

04Loki and Thor

Brothers with different blood but brothers all the same. Their relationship has grown complicated and tumultuous but the glorious early days of their brotherhood always make me smile. They care about each other, clearly, and that sometimes comes in conflict with their own personal ambitions. While they often find each other on opposing paths, we hope that they continue to retain that love for one another.

16. Katara and Sokka

04Sokka and Katara

Water tribe’s finest! These siblings showed us how deep a brother and sister bond could run. They’re both protective of each other but neither of them sugarcoat. They’re always watching out for each other but aren’t afraid to argue and correct one another. It’s a relationship built on respect and love, one that shows everyone who’s seen Avatar: The Last Airbender that you don’t always have to get along but when you do, it’s wonderful.

15. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup

04Powerpuff girls

These crime-fighting cuties have been the models for sisterhood for so long! Clashing personalities and opposing ambitions are sometimes the subject of some episodes, but these three somehow always pull through in the end. While most of us regular people don’t have superpowers, there’s still a thing or two to learn from these three sisters.

14. Elsa and Anna

04Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Anna are easily a Disney sisterhood that you’ll never forget. A lot of Frozen focused on how their relationship and how they could mend it and, eventually, it is their love that saves the day.

13. Dexter and Deedee

04Dexter and Deedee

Another one that we grew up with! Dexter and Deedee couldn’t be more different. Dexter, boy genius, is quiet, cunning, and intelligent while Deedee is energetic and loud. She can be seen more often than not wrecking his entire laboratory. But the fact that she is aware of it and her parents aren’t speaks volumes about the trust they share. While she might have found it by accident, Dexter has never tried to wipe her memory (he wiped his parents’ memory in one episode) and we think that’s a nod to their close bond.

12. Dash, Violet, and Jack Jack

04The Incredibles

With wildly different superpowers, the Incredibles household is probably 99% chaos. And it is, as we’ve seen in the first Incredibles movie. Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack are constantly arguing (well, Jack Jack is usually just cooing or crying) but, when it comes down to it, they are protective of each other.

11. Andy and Molly

04Andy and Molly

The Toy Story siblings don’t interact much onscreen but, when they do, their snarky remarks remind us of our everyday interactions with our own siblings. Admittedly, it isn’t always protecting each other, sometimes it’s just the undercurrent of humor among you. And that’s fine because that shows a comfort that most other relationships don’t have. Andy and Molly are still pretty comfortable with one another despite the age difference.

10. Bart, Lisa, and Maggie


The Simpsons siblings have graced our screens for years and haven’t grown at all! Their childish adventures have endured until today and, even though they get into crazy arguments and one of them can’t really talk, we’ve seen how they all interact and care about one another. Whether it’s a Treehouse of Horror episode or just another one of Bart’s stupid adventures, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are all iconic in their own ways.

9. Zack and Cody

04Zack and Cody

Twins! In a hotel! Instant chaos! When they’re not busy running around in the lobby (sorry Mr. Moesby!), they’re wreaking havoc in some other way. And, while one is more of an enabler than the other, they both seem to be running into new dilemmas every single episode! It seems having just one of them in a hotel is chaos, which is what makes having two of them so entertaining!

8. Drake and Josh

04Drake and Josh

Just look over your shoulder ? Hug me brotha! These two have been immortalized in gifs and memes all across the internet. While they aren’t blood-related, they have demonstrated time and time again that they don’t need to share any blood to love each other. Drake and Josh will always be a brotherhood you can aspire to (even if they were pretty dysfunctional).

7. Katniss and Prim

04Katniss and Prim

It’s okay, I cried when Katniss volunteered, too. These sisters have showed us the meaning of loyalty and love. Katniss’ unwavering courage when it comes to Prim always shines through as the heart of all her actions. Everything she does is for her! It’s never been about the boys, it’s always been about Prim. And that has moved us. Excuse me, just gotta wipe a tear.

6. The Weasleys

04Weasley family

If you thought having one brother was hard, imagine Ginny’s household–she has six! While the fan theory has mostly been accepted that Arthur and Molly Weasley really wanted a daughter (which is what lead to seven children), we’re sure that the Weasleys all love each other all the same. Their crops of red hair have made them recognizable from miles away. We love each and every one of them (even Percy)!

5. Hallie and Annie Parker

04Hallie and Annie

Another pair of scheming twins! These two brewed trouble for their estranged parents in The Parent Trap when they wanted their mother and father to get back together and we’ll never forget it. Lindsay Lohan was an effective young lady from London as well as an all-American girl all at the same time. It still baffles me sometimes to think that she played them both.

4. The Pevensies


The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’s very own fearsome foursome! While my brothers and I thankfully have never had to tumble through a cabinet to find a new world, sometimes I wish we did. Maybe I would be a queen, too. These kings and queens of Narnia have cemented their place as charismatic, courageous siblings. We love them.

3. Nani and Lilo

04Nani and Lilo

This scene broke my heart, tbh. I still love that Disney showed us a family unit that would be considered “incomplete” but all the love between the two of them showed us just how much of a family they really were. Nani, protective, and Lilo, reckless, showed that they needed each other and would protect each other even if the sky started falling (or, alternatively, if aliens fell from the sky). This sisterhood is truly one that inspires sisters all around the world. Until we meet again! ?

2. Wendy, Michael, and John

04Wendy Michael and John

The darling siblings flew off to Neverland with Peter but also straight into our hearts! Kooky, adventurous, and curious, Wendy, Michael, and John all wowed us with their adventures. Their adventures have been immortalized in stories all over the world. Some of us still sit by our windows and wait for Peter to take us flying, too!

1. Will and Jonathan Byers

04Will and Jonathan

Stranger Things brought us more than just the demogorgon and Eleven and all her badassery. It brought us feels. Jonathan and Will are so close and look out for each other so well that it hurts. Seeing Jonathan put up those posters? Heartbreaking. Seeing them reunite? I cried for an entire day (this isn’t even an exaggeration). I need a tissue.

Which siblings do you think are the most iconic? Let us know!