The 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta In Full Color

When in Manila, it’s a must to visit Clark Field Pampanga  to witness this grand annual colorful event — The 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

They are on their 17th year now and it just gets bigger and better  each year as Filipinos gain more awareness about this spectacular event!

I started attending since 2010 and I’m so surprised with the huge number of attendees this year!

taken last 2010

I was with my friend Ashyah then

Because of our intention to suggest worthwhile activities for you and your loved ones, Frank and I attended this year’s fiesta to show you something which you and your whole family should never miss!


 How to get there:

Take any bus bound to DAU. You may choose among many bus companies along Edsa, Cubao. As for us. we chose Dagupan Bus Co because it was the earliest to depart, just in time for us to be there at the start of the balloon flights (starts at 5am)! The fare price was 131pesos for that 1.5 hours ride.

Upon arrival at Dau, we managed to get a tricycle (50pesos for 2) to take us to the Clark Main Gate.  From Clark Main Gate, we rode a jeepney (10 pesos each) to get inside the Clark Field.

We arrived before 5am and we’re surprised with the huge number of attendees!

taken around 5:30am

thousands of people flocked to Clark Field just to take part in the event

The fiesta started with the singing of our national anthem while a paraglider proudly held our flag as  he landed.

Then finally, it was time to prepare the hot air balloons to be flown. We enjoyed taking photos while each team prepared their respective hot air balloons

It was soooo exciting to see those gigantic hot air balloons being filled with air. We were fortunate enough to be at the VIP area so we were able to take photos up-close!


 my ever dependable and reliable partner Frank doing what he does best! I enjoy taking photos of him in action! =)

he always does his best  to produce very fine shots! =) I’m a big fan!


cool ey?!

the crowd was all equipped  with their own cameras and  patiently waited

Additional info:

If you’re a photographer and would like to get a VIP pass, I heard you can have it for 1,500 pesos! Being at the VIP area gives you up-close shots.

If you wish to ride the hot air balloon, the fee is around 200 USD.

almost ready! weeeee!!

And then it was finally time to fly!! It was such a delight seeing those colorful balloons fly up up the sky!!

we felt like kids again!

The festivities didn’t stop there of course. Frank and I roamed around the field to check out the happenings.

the people went gaga over these miniature hot air balloons.  It’s the perfect souvenir!

colorful pinwheels also filled the place!!

most people flew their respective kites as well! It’s such a lovely family activity!

 I wish I knew how to fly a kite!

to our surprise, we met Jeff who introduced himself to us.  He’s one of our avid readers and he approached us because he said  he recognized Frank and I  from our articles!

It was really nice to meet him!

and of course, because Frank and I are certified foodies, our snacks had to also be as colorful as the event.

these are actually beef and tuna tacos

days like these are just perfect!

No matter how busy we are with our own respective lives, may we always take the time to loosen up a bit and allow the inner child within us dream freely and play!  The success of this event just goes to show that we Filipinos still value the importance of  “family time”  which is really a good sign! I’m so convinced that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines not just because of its  wonderful sights and colorful events but because of  the  fun-loving citizens which inhabit each precious island making the Filipino experience complete!

Congratulations to the dedicated people behind the success of this event! Thank you so much for putting up much effort just to make this affair possible! Rest assured that you can always count on for support! =)

So when in Manila, be sure to mark your calendars and make the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta a part of your yearly family tradition!

See you all next year!

The  Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 

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The 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta In Full Color

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