From Street to Box to Mountain – Active Wear by ThatGuyDesigns

Any person who has a semi-active lifestyle can relate to either one of these two problems: workout clothes accidentally forgotten at home, or active wear that obviously looks like it was meant for sweat. This is where ThatGuyDesigns (TGD) Active Wear comes in – real dual-purpose active wear that looks and feels good whether at the mall or while hiking up big mountains.

TGD Active Wear

Founded by freelance designer Nico Paule, TGD Active Wear is all about marrying the style and comfort of street wear with the utility and functionality of technical clothing. His team has spent two years looking for the perfect material; too much cotton and it dries way too slow for a sweat session, and too much synthetic means it can get funky after a while.

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I’ve had several opportunities to try out TGD gear myself (I put it through a couple of CrossFit sessions, as well as bringing it to the first- and ninth-highest mountains in the Philippines) so you can be sure this gear review is as road-tested as best as possible.


Currently, TGD Active Wear makes tank tops and shirts, made of technical material. You can opt for the current batch of designs, or for a minimal fee and minimal order requirement, commission a custom design from TGD Active Wear.

The tank tops, which I road-tested for the CrossFit Open 16.4, are highly recommended for those who want stylish sweat gear without looking like everyone else in plain, “tito-looking” workout apparel. Apart from the cool designs, the cut of the armholes are pretty big, which ensures freedom of motion for the arms. Bonus: it’s cut for Asians, which means the tank’s length is just right!

My “Suns Out Guns Out” tank top during the Open 16.4 (video).


The shirts, on the other hand, have a regular fit (if you get them to size) or a flattering slim fit (one size smaller). The technical material wicks sweat fast enough – while it won’t dry you as quick as a body-hugging base layer, it does the job well enough that I used it twice for hiking.



So, what’s TGD really about?

TGD Active Wear has a simple philosophy of “streetwear x activewear”, “functionality x style”, and “art x workout”. This is the reason why TGD’s gear have designs like no other technical clothing in the market right now, as well as the option to fully-customize designs with the TGD creative team.

What’s in store for buyers and fans?

The coming year looks exciting for TGD Active Wear, as they are experimenting and sampling products to add to the current line, including sports bras, leggings, and shorts. TGD Active Wear will also begin creating sport-specific apparel, and will kick off basketball, CrossFit, climbing/hiking, cycling, MMA, and yoga gear soon!


How to Get Your Own TGD Apparel

TGD Active Wear can be reached easily through the following channels:


All photos and videos by me. Follow my fitness journey and active lifestyle at @jsncruz on Instagram!

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TGD Active Wear

Transparency disclaimer:
My TGD gear are generously sponsored by ThatGuyDesigns.