Thailand 101: A Quick 2019 Getaway Guide to Bangkok

This year, I’m fortunate to be given another opportunity to visit one of my most favorite countries in the world – Thailand!
I love Thailand! Nevermind the humid weather. I just really resonate so much with everything that Thailand has to offer. Fell in love with Thailand during my 1st visit years ago and even thought about working in Bangkok as an English teacher. I had to decline however since I’m already pretty happy with my current job then but who knows? Maybe someday right?
I’ve been to Bangkok many times, yet it never ceases to still amaze me. Each visit, I get to experience something different and new. No matter what kind of trip/vacation, whether for family, friends, couples or even solo, you’ll never run out of places to visit, things to do, items to buy and flavours to try.
I really recommend you stay for at least a week if you really want to experience Thai culture, however, if you only have 3 days  off from work, this suggested itinerary made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand may help:

1. Ancient City of Muang Boran

If you don’t have a lot of time to get out of Bangkok to see more of its ancient temples and structures, then this is the best place that I recommend.

The Ancient City or Muang Boran, is a huge open-air museum where you can see many important buildings, temples, palaces and the ruins from early Thai history to present day. It features replicas of renowned Thai temples and landmarks. Love snapping photos? Then this place is truly a must in your itinerary.

Visit Safari World and explore wildlife up-close and personal. Come face-to-face with herds of giraffes, zebras, tigers, lions etc. An animal lover’s paradise. A happy place not only for kids but kids-at-heart.

We weren’t able to actually touch them though, because the whole place is an open park where all animals freely roam around the property. Best to bring your zoom lenses if you want to take close up shots.

The tour lasted for around an hour, and it sure was a delight to see them all happy and looking healthy.

This is the Bangkok home and Asian art collection of the late James H.W. Thompson, also known as the “Thai Silk King”.

Here, you’ll get to learn all about the life and legacy of Thailand’s Silk King, James H.W. Thompson and how he helped Thai Silk become world-renowned. It’s also a great place to know more about Thai culture, their beliefs and even the experience of being inside a legit traditional Thai house.  

Here you can also buy fine silk products at their shop. Check out their dresses, bags and scarves! A bit pricey yes, but definitely worth it!

The ICON Siam is a new high-end Mall along the Chao Praya river.  The Icon Siam is a shopping paradise for people from all walks of life. From signature brands to traditional Thai items and even food from all regions of Thailand, they got it all! At first, I thought it was quite intimidating because all I saw were all luxury brands, but when I got to tour the place, I saw so many interesting items and found myself buying most of my pasalubong items there.

We only got to explore the place for a couple of hours though, I hope I can spend a whole day here next time. You may want to check this place out too.

To experience more traditional Thai food or if you aim to buy local products, visit SOOK SIAM located inside ICON Siam.  The place looks super stunning with its lights and colorful interior.

Where to EAT

Thai food is truly one of the best in the world so when in Thailand, it’s best to experience authentic Thai food as often as possible. Skip the fast food, we have lots of those back in Manila.
When in Bangkok, look for restaurants like Baan Aharn Thai that serve authentic Thai traditional food. Thai food is more than just Pad Thai and Mango sticky rice you know? Pick from a constellation of dishes whenever you get to dine in restos. Ask locals for recommendations. Be open to new flavors.
Thailand is also famous for their local street food, so I highly encourage you to walk around the city to experience all the delicious cheap thrills that Bangkok has to offer! Oh, they don’t forget to look for authentic Thai Milk Tea vendors too! The cost only around 25 Bahtt!
This Michelin Guide restaurant is a cooking school by day and transforms into a royal-style restaurant at night. Here, you’ll get to experience “forgotten recipes,” Blue Elephant Classics and a glimpse of innovative Thai recipes crafted by their chefs. Order the tasting menu to savor a range of royal-style recipes. Please, please save room for dessert. You’ll thank me for it!

After a whole day of touring around Bangkok, cap it off with a river dinner cruise. The Grand Pearl Cruise is a yacht cruise vessel that offers a buffet of both western and oriental food. It also comes with live entertainment so you, your friends and family can party, loosen up and simply enjoy. The cruise lasts for around 3 hours and costs around 1200+ Bahtt. Super sulit!

Pasalubong Shopping

Of course, we Pinoys always take home pasalubong items for our loved ones. Good news is, Thailand is one of the best places to go shopping! You’ll never run out of markets to visit!
Aside from visiting the Icon Siam which I mentioned earlier, it’s also a must to visit their local night markets for affordable clothes, bags, accessories etc. I believe every district has at least 2 nights markets that are open ’til midnight. Best to ask your hotel front desk for the nearest night markets around your hotel. If you plan to bring food home, I suggest you visit the nearest grocery store like Big C so you can buy items at local prices.

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Feel free to click on the links I provided so you can directly book the establishments I listed. =)
I also would like to thank Philippine Airlines for another awesome experience. Last but not least, I would also like to thank the Tourism Authority of Thailand – Branch in Manila for this full-filled trip! Visit their official Facebook Page on for more helpful information about Thailand.

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