Tesa Celdran’s The Chair Project Puts Art into Everyday Things

A certified yoga instructor who’s traversed the world because of her passion for life, Tesa Celdran’s The Chair Project did not come as a surprise to many who’s believed in her innate creativity. Constantly surrounded by artists and the arts in general, her zest for creating something beautiful from the discarded is evident in her first exhibit, The Chair Project.


Here she rediscovers second-hand and unwanted pieces, breathing new life into them. Held at Pineapple Lab, The Chair Project features a number of her refurbished pieces, all chairs, upcycled into a modern-day version of Art Deco.


Tesa Celdran”s Chair Project explores her fascination with the Art Deco movement and seating furniture. The pieces, not limited to chairs per se,  are meant to study its creation and appropriation to our local interior spaces, especially knowing that they have had their own past. Questions come up on how and when were they made, also how and why we seat ourselves today.


It is easy to romanticize with the pieces who have backstories of their own, some passed down from generation to generation, others, made directly from scratch using recycled wood. Each are testaments to new lives, showing that there is beauty in everything.


It is a matter of perspective. While one man views his discards as waste, another will create art out of them. The exhibit will run until February 27 of this year.


What do you think of the upcycling movement?


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