Tempura Japanese Grill: The Trusted Name For Worry Free Ultra Satisfying Japanese Meals

Tempura Japanese Grill: The Trusted Name For Worry Free Ultra Satisfying Japanese Meals

Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 8


When in Manila and would like to experience a really satisfying Japanese meal, Tempura Japanese Grill is a place which I personally recommend!

They have a lot of branches around the metro and are located in strategic places so you don’t have to travel really far just to enjoy highly satisfying Japanese cuisine.

A few weeks ago, I invited my friends over at their Ayala branch and boy we had such a great time not only with the catching-up we did but as well as the marvelous food we devoured which became the central topic during that night. It was one of those nights where we didn’t want to stress ourselves out in traveling far or deciding where to eat. You see, Tempura Japanese Grill for me would be one of those restos which I’m very confident about. I know that when I invite people at Tempura Japanese Grill, I will never have to worry about the food quality and pleasing experience.

 As always, for maximum food trip pleasure, the table must be filled with an edible feast! Take a look at what we ate!

 Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 1

Kani Salad (P145) Always a great way to open the taste buds!

I love the freshness of everything plus the use of real Japanese Mayo!


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 2

Dynamite Ebi Roll (P205)

Crunchy ebi, asparagus, kani, mango with a kick of spicy sauce… BOOM!


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 4

Uncle Sam’s Maki (P270) my personal favorite coz it has cream cheese and bacon! Hoooooray!!!


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 5

Ebi Bacon Furai (P270) a must for bacon lovers as well!


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 7

Gyoza (P125) a Japanese classic and a MUST in every Japanese meal


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 9

Unagidon (P305) thick satisfying pieces of crunchy unagi deep fried to perfection. Goes well with rice!


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 10

Gyu Wafu Steak (P370) ultra tender strips of beef with an explosion of oriental flavors. Like na like!


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 8

Chizu Ebi Tempura 5pcs (P300) Cheese battered Tempura .. I think it needs more cheese though


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 11

Wasabi Ebi Tempura 5pcs (P300) same with this.. as an eater who appreciates Wasabi, I think it needs more “kick”


For our sweet ending, we got to try their newest desserts….


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 12

Sweet flavored rice with mango in egg roll topped with cherries and choco chip morsels. Hmmm more like a Black Forest roll perhaps? New to the tastebuds yet very filling. I think this will be good for kids as a way to introduce sushi appreciation.


Tempura Japanese Grill Appetizers 13

Molten Lava ala mode: Loved the variety of textures and the balance of cold vanilla ice cream and warm flowing choco sauce!  WINNER!!!


All I can say is that, a meal like this brings nothing but pure happiness! This resto sure knows what good service is! More plus points for them! I remember going home with tummies filled with great food and a heart filled with joy! We enjoyed the maki rolls a lot, that we promised to try them all next time! I can’t wait!

You’ll never go wrong with Tempura Japanese Grill! Another MUST TRY when in Manila!



Tempura Japanese Grill


Branches: Banawe, Tomas Morato, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Midtown, U.N. Avenue, Convergys Makati,

SM Pampanga and SM Cebu 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tempurajapanesegrill

Twitter: @TempuraJapGrill

Instagram: @tempurajapanesegrill

0915-612-3712 or at sales@tempurajapanesegrill.com

Tempura Japanese Grill: The Trusted Name For Worry Free Ultra Satisfying Japanese Meals

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