TED Talk Sensation Maestro Itay Talgam Live in Manila!

 TED Talk Sensation Maestro Itay Talgam Live in Manila!

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After a decade-long conducting career in his native Israel, Itay Talgam has reinvented himself as a conductor of people in business.


Last Monday, I was fortunate enough to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a leadership seminar by TED Talk sensation Maestro Itay Talgam at The Peninsula Manila.

Maestro Itay Talgam’s “Maestro Program”  aims to teach people on how to become more effective leaders by teaching them how to connect better, bring out the best in others, by showing various leadership styles through famous orchestra conductors and how they affect the group as a whole.

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According to Maestro Itay Talgaman organization is very much like an orchestra and the role of a conductor/leader is vital in the success of every performance.


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glad to arrive early that morning!


The attendees were composed of a good mix of individuals coming from various groups from the government and private sector. There were also student leaders, members of the press, young professionals, NGOs and even members of the armed forces!

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I was fortunate enough to be seated at the front! hihihihi


I loved how  Maestro Itay Talgam delivered his talk as he made everyone feel comfortable with his humor and clear examples. During his 2 hour talk, he discussed about various leadership styles through introducing us to various notable conductors such as Riccardo Muti, Carlos Kleiber, Leonard Bernstein to name a few. He showed us videos of their performances and asked the audience on what we thought about each conductor’s style and how it affected the orchestra as a whole, then afterwards comparing it to our own organizations as well. 

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The discussion became very interesting and insightful as everyone actively participated when Maestro Talgam asked questions. I loved the way on how Maestro Talgam associated the common workplace/organization with an orchestra. I can completely relate to him as I also experienced how it is to be a part of a music ensemble way back in college. I remember attending a Conducting class when I took up Music at The University of the Philippines. I also have my own list of local conductors which I respect a lot and it’s soooo true that the conductor plays a major role in the success of every performance as I myself have experienced performing with various conductors in the past.

During the talk, we got to compare the various examples he presented and through it, we were able to analyze and realize the traits an effective leader should possess. 

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To give you an idea about his talk, here’s a sample video I found on Ted Talk….


During Maestro Itay Talgam‘s talk, I learned that  when we tend to be too controlling with people, it will hinder them from growing thus, making them unproductive and unhappy. If we instill them with fear, we will never earn their respect. If we treat them like machines or merely instruments and tell them exactly what to do all the time, they will be bored and demotivated. But if we give them a lot of space to grow and a voice to express themselves, if we show support, praise them and make them feel a part of the whole creative process, then people will be more empowered, motivated and inspired. After the talk, I further realized how lucky I am to be a part of a community such as WhenInManila.com and to have Vince Golangco as our “conductor.” His leadership style is definitely unconventional yet very effective. He knows when to praise and knows how to correct people in a way that won’t make you feel bad. I may be one of the stubborn and “pasaways” in the team, but he never ceases to give guidance when needed. In my years here in WhenInManila.com, I have witnessed and observed his managing style and have learned countless things for my own improvement as well. I’m just really lucky to have him as a mentor!


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After Maestro Itay Talga’s successful inspiring talk, it was obvious that everyone learned so much and was motivated to be a better leader. Maestro Itay Talgam definitely brought a lot of contagious good energy that day which made the event so perfect.

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After his talk, I of course approached Maestro Itay Talgam to personally thank him for coming to Manila and for sharing his gift and wisdom to us. I was so happy that he also shook my hand and even remembered my name!


Leadership Seminar


Maestro Itay Talgam Live in Manila was made possible by Business Works Inc.



 TED Talk Sensation Maestro Itay Talgam Live in Manila!

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