TECH: This Kickstarter project will make manual mops obsolete

everybot auto mop

If mopping isn’t your thing then this is the perfect Kickstart project for you.

Everybot is the ultimate robot mop cleaner developed by engineers who realized that mopping is a time-consuming and tedious job that a robot can also do.

Unlike other autonomous mops, Everybot is different because it can freely roam your home and give your floors the wet scrub they need.

This device is compact yet it offers a number of reliable features. It has multi-directional sensors that let it avoid obstacles and also sense vertical drop-offs — meaning no falling accidents with a staircase, countertop, or cliff of any sort.

It also has seven different cleaning modes to fit the types of floors and furniture layout of your home.

If you wish to support this project, you may check it out here.

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