Team Communication Pajama Party, Friday Night Fun!

Team Communication Pajama Party, Friday Night Fun!PRESSGA


Team Communication’s annual general assembly reminded its members what it means to be young again as members were invited to a pajama theme party.


Last Friday, July 11, TeamComm members enjoyed their welcoming party with all sorts of fun activity that is reminiscent of a slumber party. The organization had a getting to know game to interact with the new members. The event started with a prayer followed by an icebreaker to get everyone pumped up and as well as remove the awkwardness building up inside the room.


The Heads of the organization also discussed TeamComm Organization related affairs and a short overview of what the group aims to stand for.


The participants were asked to form a group of five and played dugtungan – Filipino version of Pitch Perfect’s Riff Off, wherein the host sings a line from a certain song then the challenger sings a different song using the last word that the song ended with. They were also asked questions such as, what their favorite things are. The gathered information was then asked to the other participants to test whether they got to know the other members.


Beanbags were scattered across the area and a photo booth was assembled so that the participants could capture their fun moments with the other members of the organization. The assembly played a Filipino romance film One More Chance while distributing all sorts of snacks to fully enjoy the movie. The event became more wonderful as Papa John’s sponsored boxes of pizzas for everyone to feast on.


TeamComm would like to thank Papa John’s for the food sponsorship and the members that invited their friends to come to the event. 




Team Communication Pajama Party, Friday Night Fun!

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