Team Cap to Visit Singapore This April 2016

Are you on Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Regardless of whether you have already chosen a side in time for the new Captain America: Civil War movie coming out soon, the thought of seeing Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie (Captain America, Winter Soldier and Falcon, respectively) may get your geeky heart pounding like crazy.

Captain America vs Iron Man Civil War Teams

Well, in case you are lucky enough to be going to Singapore during the latter part of April 2016, Team Cap will be at Marina Bay Sands’ Skating Rink on April 21 from 6pm onwards. If you are going to be there, know that I am currently super jealous of you.

You may watch a video of Chris Evans himself inviting people over to Marina Bay Sands here.

I wonder if Manila will ever be so lucky to host an event as awesome as this… For now, I can’t wait for the next Comic Con. Hoping for a Marvel appearance this year! 😀