Teachers Using Comfort Room as Faculty Room are Given a Proper Faculty Area

A recent story on a certain public school in Cavite made the issue of proper facilities a hot topic on social media. As it went viral people began demanding more for the teachers in the story, and for teachers in general. While the latter still has some way to go, it looks like the internet has made one win in terms of the former.

(Teachers Resort to Using Old Comfort Rooms as Faculty Area)

The issue concerned the faculty of Bacoor National High School needing to repurpose a run-down comfort room into a makeshift faculty room. As the faculty’s previous facilities were transformed into badly-needed classrooms for students, the faculty took it upon themselves to find an alternative. While the school administration offered the principal’s office and the library for the teachers, they weren’t convenient options.

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So, the teachers decided to pitch in and transform an unused comfort room into a faculty area to at least store their things. When the internet caught on to their struggle, the school administration was forced into action. They were able to find and offer space for an actual faculty area. They even entered into dialogues with members of the faculty in order to hear concerns.

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If there’s one thing to take away from this story, it is that outrage and demanding for improvement can change things. Institutions are obligated to answer and reform if enough people ask it to do so. So if you see something wrong with any situation, it’s worth talking about.

What else can be done to improve the state of public school education in the Philippines?

Photos from Maricel Herrera


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