Taylor Momsen and Daniella Monet Auditioned for Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is definitely one of the most iconic TV series of the early 2000s. The series ran for 5 years on Disney Channel starring Miley Cyrus who played the lead Hannah Montana who lived a double life.

In a TikTok video by one of the original Casting directors Lisa London, she shared that the Top 3 actresses that they chose were Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, and Daniella Monet.


She shared a paper that showed the names of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, and Daniella Monet who were the actresses that auditioned for the network test where over 1,200 people had auditioned for.

Lisa also revealed that Miley’s character was originally to be named Chloe before changing it to Miley when she was cast for the show.

Taylor Momsen starred in a number of films during her childhood including the grinch in 2000 and landed her iconic role on Gossip Girl in 2007. She is now the lead vocals of the rock band Pretty Reckless.


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Daniella Monet, on the other hand, was known for her Nickelodeon shows Victorious, Zoey 101, iCarly and A Fairly Odd Movie, just to name a few.