Tatt Awards 2012: Nominations Now OPEN!

When In Manila, Globe Tattoo’s way of honoring Bloggers, YouTube-rs, or anyone who has made an impact in the online community is back–the TATT AWARDS 2012! Are you ready for it?


Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 055

Tatt Awards 2012: Nominations Now OPEN!


Tatt Awards 2012 at Buddha Bar, Makati



Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 093

Tatt Awards 2012 Kick-Off party venue: Buddha Bar


Held at the Rooftop of Buddha Bar, Kalayaan Ave, Makati City last Wednesday, April 25, 2012. Tatt Awards 2012 was officially opened! The event was hosted by none other than the fashion stylist, Tim Yap and YouTube’s charming girl, Ashley Rivera, more famously known as “Petra Mahalimuyak”. Free flowing drinks and cocktails were available! PLUS, pole dancing performance and a little of fire blowing! 🙂



Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 012

Tatt Awards 2012 hosts Ashley Rivera and Tim Yap



Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 008

Tatt Awards 2012: Pole Dancing performance



Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 021

Tatt Awards 2012: Fire Blowing Performance


 Some people I spotted during the Tatt Awards 2012 Kick-Off Party are:


 Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 049Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 004

Tatt Awards 2012 Party: (Left) 2011 Tatt Award Tatt Council, Kring Elenzano and boyfriend Jimmy Kim of mykoreanboyfriend.com, last year’s Ball Breaker nominee Faith Salazar of tanggera.com and friends 

Tatt Awards 2012 Party: (Right) DJ Vince Golangco, The Kikay Runner Noelle de Guzman and friends


      Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 059        Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 081

Tatt Awards 2012: (Left) Danica Magpantay and Miggy Chavez; (Right) Jamvhille and Paolinne Michelle of JamichTV


      Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 092       Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 077

Tatt Awards 2012 Party: (Left) Bogart The Explorer with Elijah Murray (Right) Sonnie Santos and last year’s Tech Junkie Category Winner Mark Macanas 


      Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 091       Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 062

Tatt Awards 2012 Party: (Left) Chuckie Dreyfus and wife Aileen Dreyfus (right) Fashion Blogger Raleene Cabrera


Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 082

Tatt Awards 2012 Bloggers (L-R) Megan Jabola, Me, Coy Caballes, Aileen Dreyfus, Mark Macanas, Sonnie Santos, Chuckie Dreyfus, Kring Elenzano



Tatt Awards 2012: The Categories and Special Awards


Here’s your chance to vote for your favorite video blogger, you favorite tech website, or the hottest fashionista in town. Whoever fits in these categories, you may send them as nominees! All you need to have is a facebook, a twitter or a youtube account and you’re set to send in your entries!





 Also, there will be special awards given to special people 🙂

Special Awards:

  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE–highest online votes across all categories
  • SAFE SURFER–advocates online safety
  • TRENDING PERSONALITY–#hashtag finalist most mentioned on twitter
  • THE PRODIGY–the social media rockstar under the age of 18
  • THE FRESHEST–rookie of the year; started blogging on or before june 1




Screening of nominees will be based on INFLUENCE, ENGAGEMENT AND POPULARITY.  (20%)


After, nominees will be reviewed by the Tatt CouncilsMikey Bustos (Filipino Singer, Comedian and YouTube Sensation), Rovilson Fernandez (WWF-Phillippines National Ambassador), Francis Brew (Online trained Jazz Guitarist), Loi Landicho (The Professional Heckler), Tim Yap (Fashion Stylist), Raymond Gutierrez (Celebrity Host) , Pao Pena (VP- Internet and Mobile Association of the Philippines), Gio Tingson (Commissioner-The National Youth Commission), Wig Tysmans (Most Sought After Photograher in the Philippines), Dong Ronquillo (Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business), Maria Ressa (Head and CEO of Rappler.com) (70%)


Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 040

Tatt Awards 2012 Tatt Councils


VOTING PERIOD: JUNE 13 to JUNE 20, 2012 (10 %)


Winners in each category will be taking home Php 100,000.00!! What are you waiting for? Send in your entries now! You can nominate yourself, your friends, or anyone you want! Not only that, you can nominate as many entries as you want! 


Mark the Philippines Social Media Day//AWARDS NIGHT: JUNE 30, 2012 which will be hosted by Ashley Rivera a.k.a. Petra Mahalimuyak


Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 025

Tatt Awards 2012 host: Petra Mahalimuyak




 Tatt Awards 2012 video 


When In Manila, send in your entries, vote and see which of them will be the raddest of them all! 


For more info, please visit: 


Official Facebook Page


Tatt Awards 2012: Nominations Now OPEN! 

Tatt Awards 2012 Launch 083

Tatt Awards 2012: Me at the Tatt Awards