Tapa Zone: Must Try Their T.I.T.S. – Tapa, Itlog Tsaka Sinangag

When in Manila, you haven’t lived your life until you’ve tried one of the most popular local meals in the country, The Tapsilog. This is most likely why Rappler Sports Editor Josiah Albelda, the guy behind Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place, decided to start a quick-serve dining hub that can appeal to a bona fide tapa-loving crowd.

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 The tarp says everything.Tapa Zone_00005

I invited a few friends to come with me and try Tapa Zone‘s pièce de résistance, T.I.T.S. The name caught my attention one time while surfing the web, and it definitely got me curious. Who wouldn’t want to try some Tapa, Itlog Tsaka Sinangag, anyway? Tapa is dried cured beef for those unfamiliar.

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Tapa, Itlog Tsaka Sinangag Php 99.00

A single order of T.I.T.S. gets you unlimited servings of rice, two fried eggs, a sizeable portion of beef or pork tapa and a glass of iced tea or soda. Alyssah Mingo (of Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place) carefully made the delicious recipe for marinading and preparing the tenderloin. She’s always loved cooking ever since she was a kid, and her own take on the beloved Filipino staple is certainly a knockout.

Tapa Zone marinades their tapas twice to thoroughly and sufficiently cure the meat. And I have to say, the lengthy process is worth it once you’ve tasted T.I.T.S.

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The sinangag is not even your average, garden-variety stir-fried rice. Bits of egg, carrot and meat are all thrown in the fryer when they make the sinangag.

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You may also ask for condiments such as hot sauce and vinegar to jazz  up your tapa.Tapa Zone_00006  Here we are chowing down some good food!

Apart from T.I.T.S., my companions and I were able to try other food items on and off the menu. Hit the next page to find out what they are!