Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA


This one’s my favorite. ALPHA tapa, the traditional salty taste of tapa but better. Why? Because instead of the usual sirloin part of the beef Task Force Tapa serves the nape part of the animal; which makes taste like…

wait for it…


Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 9

Tapa meets Bacon in Task Force Tapa‘s ALPHA. 85/110 Php 



In Task Force Tapa you can “Have it your way”. You can choose to add more ulam of the same or different kind for only 50 Php. The best part about that is the serving size is bigger than the serving size in the meal itself. Given that their serving size is big in general, you can just imagine how big an additional order of ulam is.

Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 13

Vigan Longanissa (ECHO) for only 50 Php!



Also,even if they don’t have delivery services yet, you can still have it delivered to your place if you’re near the area.  

Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 10

Have the garlicky tapa BRAVO delivered hot and mouthwatering at your doorstep. 85/110 Php. 



If you’ve noticed, their tapa dishes don’t come with the usual atsara. Task Force Tapa chooses to serve salsa to add another twist to their dishes. The tomatoes are hella fresh and personally, it complements the tapa better than the atsara

Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 12

Step aside atsara, salsa coming through. 30 Php for an additional order.



If you suddenly craved for something grilled, BURGY’S LIEMPO is your pick. It’s his own mix of barbecue sauce applied in a perfect slab of meat. This one’s a messy eat but it’s definitely worth it.

Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 11

Task Force Tapa‘s take on grilled liempo, BURGY’S LIEMPO 90/120 Php. 



What’s a meal without dessert? Task Force Tapa recently came up with these two desserts to fight the oil and saltiness with…cream and sweetness! Both are divinely sweet! I suggest you order both, since it’s only 60 Php. Turon de leche is leche flan rolled in a deep-fried wrap. You can eat as is or dip it to the Apple Cinnamon with vanilla ice cream dessert. Hot and cold sweetness in your mouth! You’re welcome.

Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 14

Sorry health buffs, you have to skip your strict diet for Task Force Tapa. Don’t worry, you won’t regret it. Apple Cinnamon with Vanilla Ice Cream and Turon de leche, 30 Php each.



If you feel like ranting or raving after eating your meal, write on Task Force Tapa‘s freedom wall. 

Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 15

Part of their service is knowing your criticism so they can serve you better. 



My friends and I were obviously more than satisfied after eating in Task Force Tapa. They even gave us a “mission accomplished” shirt! 

Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 16

Happy tummies thanks to Task Force Tapa. 



Task Force Tapa will have a new promo after their “mission accomplished” promo, so watch out for that.
Tapa Craving Satisfied at TASK FORCE TAPA 17

Task Force Tapa is located along Boni Avenue Corner EDSA, 1609 QC. (beside Metro Oil gas station)  they’re open from 10 am to 10 pm.



Add Task force Tapa on FACEBOOKTWITTER and INSTAGRAM for more updates! 

You may also contact them directly in this number: 0922 857 2026



Thank you to Rain Pangindian and Sam Chan for the photos. 




Tapa Craving Satisfied: TASK FORCE TAPA  

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