Take the Quest at K-NNECTED FOREVER: the KCC Building Launch

We’re all set to create more k-nnections and k-memories that will last forever with the launching of the new KCC building!

Make your heart go deguen deguen in excitement as you explore the new KCC building filled with different challenges – that have a K-culture spin into it! You can learn Korea’s colorful history in the cultural experience area. Or maybe take a stroll down its halls with Hangeul and Hanbok digital experience areas and informative displays that make K-culture come alive, or be able to write in Hangeul characters and wish KCC an anniversary greeting complete with a Korean brush pen and papers for an authentic experience.

Feb 11 KCC10 Main KV scaled e1646896823702

From books to binge-watch films to newest album drops, be able to travel across Korea by recognizing a place just by description. Test your knowledge on iconic Korean destinations with the K-Travel Quiz! 

Make sure to not get starstruck in the middle of a Hangeul 101 game. Translate and understand Hangeul using lines from your favorite K-drama scenes and oppa appearances!

Satisfy your K-ravings and cook up a Korean dish at KCC’s kitchen with professional celebrity chef, Sharwin Tee!

March 07 KCC10 Chef Sharwin Tee e1646899503593

Unleash your inner idol and step into the K-Studio Show your swag and learn step-by-step K-dance moves. Plus witness guest performances from Pinoy boy group SB19 and the K-spotlight gets dominated by a renowned former member of Korean girl group 2NE1, Minzy!

March 07 KCC10 SB19

An ultimate K-culture stan? Be one of the 100 participants to be selected to get an exclusive backstage pass and participate in the challenges. 50 selected participants will receive an exclusive PR kit containing all the K-items that they will use during the challenges. 

Celebrate forever in embracing Korean culture together, with Korean Cultural Center Philippines, in partnership with Korean Tourism Organization.