Tagaytay House For Rent: Family Vacation On A Budget

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Tagaytay House For Rent: Family Vacation On A Budget

When In Manila and looking for the perfect BUDGET vacation with the fambam, I believe renting a house instead of staying in a hotel is a smart idea; and, here are some of the reasons why:


1. A house rental will fit more people. For the price of two hotel rooms in Tagaytay where you can only fit 4 pax, just rent a Tagaytay house instead which can fit around 15 pax for about the same price.

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (7)Room 1 – Double bed with pull-out bed under

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (11)

Kids love double-decker beds

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (5)

Room 2 (can fit 3-4 pax comfortably)

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (6)

Common CR at the second floor for Room 1/2

(That’s Room 3 on the right – Master’s Bedroom)

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (4)

Room 3 – Master’s Bedroom (1 queen bed but the room is spacious and you can still add another queen bed on the floor upon request).

The Master’s bedroom has its own bathroom and walk-in closet

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (8)

The private bathroom

All rooms have air-conditioners and the bathrooms have electric heater installed.

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (3)

Driver/Maid’s room on the first floor (also with aircon)

Working kitchen is also available with pots, kettle, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

2. No strict check-in/out time. Isn’t it awesome if you can just come in early morning or check out late in the afternoon? Renting a house in Tagaytay means having it for the whole day, regardless of the time (which means more family bonding time).

3. Cheaper food expenses. Food and lodging are one of the top expenses during a trip.

When renting a Tagaytay Family Home, save more by bringing some food from the market and cook for the whole family. It’s more intimate, more fun and way cheaper. Oh! and don’t forget the drinks – cases of beer and bottles of wine! 😀 (no corkage fee)

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (2)Dining room and living room (with a daybed for additional sleeping area)

4. Family bonding. Since you are not isolated in just your hotel room, there’s always more time to bond at the dining area or living area.

I suggest bringing some game boards, play some poker or bring the videoke, too (I’m sure the neighbors won’t mind)

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (12)

5. Family sports contest.  Since this Tagaytay house rental is inside a private subdivision, you may also enjoy the benefits of the clubhouse. It has a huge pool for adults and kids, basketball court and billiard tables. There’s also tennis, badminton, volleyball and table tennis. It would be fun to hold a mini-family olympics with the fambam or friends perhaps.

Tagaytay-house-for-rent-budget-when-in-manila (10)South Ridge Clubhouse


If you are interested and looking for a budget house for rent in Tagaytay, then this house in South Ridge subdivision, just across Picnic Grove, is perfect for you!


Weekday Rate: Php 10,000 per night (can fit around 15 pax comfortably)

– 3 bedrooms with A/C, 3 CRs

– with living room and TV

– with maid’s room

– with dining room

– with working kitchen

– with garage and laundry area

– located in a private subdivision with a full clubhouse

Tagaytay House For Rent: Family Vacation On A Budget

For reservations,

Contact Willy at 0933-860-9820 or 0917-823-2382

or email: TheTagaytayFamilyHome@gmail.com

WhenInManila photos by JoTan – JoTan23.blogspot.com

Tagaytay House For Rent: Family Vacation On A Budget