Taal Vista Hotel’s New Award-Winning Executive Chef


Taal Vista Hotel’s New Award-Winning Executive Chef


Taal Vista Hotel has recently appointed a new Executive chef – Chef Edwin Santos. Cultured with the best experiences from luxury hotels like Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Peninsula Hotels and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel group, Chef Edwin Santos now joins Taal Vista Hotel from his previous posting as Executive Chef at Trader’s Hotel in Male, Maldives. With more than 30 years of exceptional international culinary experience, Chef Santos now demonstrates his love for food at the best staycation in Tagaytay.




Guests at Taal Vista Hotel can now enjoy a more sumptuous feast starting this August as they celebrate the Philippines and its rich cultural heritage while Chef Edwin Santos put together a culinary voyage of the Philippine Island. Also, with the most recent prestigious award (6 medals in total) from World Food Expo 2013, Executive Chef Edwin Santos and his team have prepared some of the winning dishes so we can sample them. These are, of course, only available in Taal Vista Hotel — (You might want to set a romantic date with your loved ones for this.)


taal-vista-hotel-tagaytay-chef-edwin-santos (1)

(Left) Tomato Coriander Soup with Cheese Straw 

(Right) Pastrami-rubbed Salmon Pauppiette with Taal Vista Organic Salas Green served with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette


taal-vista-hotel-tagaytay-chef-edwin-santos (2)

Grilled US Beef Knuckle on Ratatouille and Polenta with Truffle Jus


taal-vista-hotel-tagaytay-chef-edwin-santos (3)

(Left) Coconut Mint Bacardi Raisin Cake

(Right) Banana and Jackfruit Gelato (It’s like turon ice cream — so good)


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